Video: Car explodes on Leeds street then rolls into another car

Residents evacuated their homes after a car was deliberately set alight and then exploded in a Leeds suburb.

A loud bang was heard about 9.30pm last night (Sept 30) and a van parked on the corner of Victoria Park Avenue and Abbey Mount was seen to be on fire.

Residents in surrounding houses came outside but moments later the van, now well alight, rolled down the road and crashed into another parked car, which also caught fire.

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Ome resident said: “We heard a loud bang about half nine, looked outside and saw a car on fire outside the house. The first thing we did was run upstairs and get the kids out because it was literally feet away from our house.

“The car burned for about five minutes but then the handbrake must have gone because it rolled off its brake and went down the hill and smashed into another parked car and also set a neighour’s hedge on fire.

“Someone outside said it was a deliberate ignition and that fireworks were used. It’s absolutely ridiculous, whoever did this put lives in danger.”

Fire crews arrived on the scene around 10 minutes later.

One resident reported seeing two youths carrying a fuel can walk past the car moments before it exploded. Another witness said fireworks had been used to set the car on fire.

No-one was injured in the fire, which was extinguished around 10.30pm last night. (Sept 30)