Thug drank litre and a half of Bacardi then smashed brother-in-law's car with hammer during violence in Woodlesford street

A violent drunk smashed his brother-in-law's car window with a hammer and tried to bite a policeman after drinking one and a half litres of Bacardi.

Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 6:00 am

John Leatham was locked up for 12 months after a court heard how he continued to be violent while holding his two-year-old child.

Leeds Crown court heard the incident took place outside his partner's home on All Saint's Circle, Woodlesford on December 27 last year.

Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting, said Leatham's partner contacted her brother to come to the property after rowing with the defendant when he was drunk.

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Leeds Crown Court

He went to the property where Leatham answered the door holding a hammer and a metal bar.

Leatham confronted his brother-in-law and asked him for a fight.

The brother-in-law got into his car but Leatham followed him and smashed the windscreen with the hammer.

The incident was witnessed by Leatham's children.

Police were contacted and Leatham was holding his youngest child when officers arrived at the property.

Mr Robertshaw said the child was "hysterical" and Leatham continued to be aggressive.

He refused to hand over the child to one of the officers and there was a "scuffle".

He pushed one of the officers and twisted his ear in the struggle.

Leatham's brother-in-law returned to the scene during the confrontation with the officers and kicked the defendant in the head.

He was briefly knocked unconscious from the blow then tried to bite one of the officers when he awoke.

Leatham, 39, of Winrose Avenue, Belle Isle, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker, criminal damage and threatening a person with an offensive weapon.

He has previous convictions for criminal damage and assault.

Leatham told a probation officer that he had committed the offences as he had a litre and a half of Bacardi and would not have behaved that way if he had been sober.

Timothy Jacobs, mitigating, said Leatham was sorry for what he had done and was receiving support to address his offending while in custody.

Jailing Leatham, Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: "Assaulting a police constable is a serious offence.

"It was committed in drink in the presence of a child and is aggravated by your previous convictions.

"This is an offence where an immediate custodial sentence is inevitable.

"Parliament has passed legislation where the courts must deter assaults on police officers.

"The police put themselves at risk every day to protect the public.

"The public expect the courts to protect the police."