This is the shocking value of the burglaries in West Yorkshire last year

The shocking total value of burglaries in West Yorkshire has been revealed following a freedom of information request.

Thursday, 15th August 2019, 9:27 pm

Research undertaken by revealed the amount of burglaries that took place in a number of constituencies throughout 2018, as well as the total estimated value and the top items most commonly stolen.

In West Yorkshire alone there were 26,313 burglaries in 2018 - with a staggering total value of £25,235,923 taken.

All stats were acquired through a request for information under the Freedom of Information act 2000 made to relevant constabularies around Britain.

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Throughout 2018, it was found that there were 248,695 burglaries throughout just 13 constituencies within the UK.

The majority of these came from the Greater Manchester area, where 64,550 burglaries were carried out in 2018, with the stolen items estimated to be worth £32,799,909.86 (data provided by just 13 constabularies).

The most commonly stolen item was revealed by each constabulary to be:

Avon and Somerset – Jewellery

Greater Manchester – Doors

Greater London (excluding the City of London) – Money

Gwent – Machinery or tools

Humberside – Money

Merseyside – Jewellery

Northumbria – Cash

North Wales – Miscellaneous items

South Yorkshire – Watches

Surrey – Jewellery

West Midlands – Vehicles

West Yorkshire – Jewellery

Lucy Askew, a spokesperson for, commented: “Home security is an important part of a happy home life; we all want to feel safe in our homes.

"It is a little bit alarming that across the UK the number of burglaries are so high, more so in some areas than others, but what is surprising is that Greater Manchester saw more burglaries than London – not what we expected at all.

"With that said, it is no surprise that the smaller constituencies, which are more likely to have tight-knit communities, have less burglaries take place in their area.

"But it begs the question – why are people stealing doors?”