Shocking photos show litter left behind at riverside beauty spots in Ilkley and Bingley

Visitors descending on the countryside yesterday have been criticised for leaving their litter behind.
Goit Stock waterfalls near Bingley (pic: Jonathan Doolan)Goit Stock waterfalls near Bingley (pic: Jonathan Doolan)
Goit Stock waterfalls near Bingley (pic: Jonathan Doolan)

Images taken by photographer Simon Wilkinson show detritus scattered all over banks of the River Wharfe in Ilkley at 6am on Sunday morning after groups had spent Saturday swimming, picnicking, drinking and barbecuing on the 'beaches'.

Police also fined the owners of 15 cars which were parked inconsiderately or illegally near the riverside.

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There were similar scenes further upstream in Burnsall, where litter was discarded after large crowds arrived for a day out in the Dales.

And at Goit Stock Waterfalls in Harden, near Bingley, photographer Jonathan Doolan saw beer bottles, cans and burst inflatable toys that had been abandoned by visitors.

West Yorkshire Police have warned visitors to Ilkley that they will be patrolling the town again today to prevent large group gatherings and anti-social behaviour.

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Areas such as Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Malham and Aysgarth Falls were congested and large numbers of vehicles were found parked on double yellow lines. There were also issues with rowdy behaviour, barbecuing, drinking and walkers trying to access closed trails and footpaths.

Beer bottles left at the waterfallsBeer bottles left at the waterfalls
Beer bottles left at the waterfalls

There were further reports of youths gathering at Richmond Falls despite the area being patrolled by police, stewards with the power to confiscate alcohol and even Royal Military Police officers from nearby Catterick Garrison after a large party involving 100 people took place on the Bank Holiday weekend.

And a group of young people were pictured partying at Kisdon Force waterfalls near Keld in Swaledale after they had pitched tents at the spot.