Police issue new warning to drivers at East Leeds beauty hotspots following more dangerous parking despite stern warning

West Yorkshire Police has issued a new warning to people parking their cars when visiting local hotspots for exercise in Leeds after they found cars parked dangerously again despite an initial warning.

Sunday, 28th February 2021, 2:46 pm
photos: West Yorkshire Police

Police officers from the East Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team will be out monitoring parking at outdoor beauty hotspots again today after they had to ticket drivers who had parked dangerously on Saturday despite having issued a warning that they would be checking parking in the area.

Officers said they 'unfortunately had to give a few tickets out' around the junctions to St Aidan's Nature Reserve, and assured residents they don't like doing it and want to avoid giving out any more.

They said that in instances such as these they are left with no choice when parked cars put other motorists or pedestrians in danger.

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An East Leeds officer also said they noticed expensive items left on show in many cars - again despite having warned 'many people' about this.

They said that whilst crime levels are low in the area, there are many occasions when opportunists who happen to be walking past have broken into cars.

Officers assured residents they are only doing patrols to keep residents as safe as possible.

The East Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team covers Whinmoor, parts of Cross Gates, Halton, Garforth, Swillington, Allerton Bywater, Kippax, Methley and Micklefield.

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Police receive complaints about parking at St Aiden's nature reserve in Allerton...

A post on the West Yorkshire Police East Leeds Facebook page said: " Good morning all

"After yesterday's post regarding people visiting local green spaces/parks.

"I can confirm we went out to several spots in the area and educated local residents about safety and parking etc, most people were happy to see us and were positive about why we were there.

"Unfortunately we did have to give a few tickets out around the junctions to St Aidan's Nature reserve in Great Preston, I can assure you we don't like doing this and I would personally like everyone to share this post with as many people as possible so that we don't have to give out anymore

"Sometimes we are left with no choice when cars park on junctions putting other motorists/walkers in danger.

"We will be out again today monitoring these same spots. Please post this on your local Facebook pages/ Twitter etc.

"Again, I did notice expensive items been left on show in many cars, we warned many people about this, and although crime levels are low in the area, we have seen on many occasions cars been broken into by opportunists who happen to be just walking past

"Thanks again, we are only doing these patrols to try and keep our resident as safe as possible.

"Have a good day."

This is not the first time that police have had to patrol parking at Leeds outdoor areas, as they received "inconsiderate and dangerous" parking complaints in North Leeds previously.