Police in West Yorkshire warn of fake £5 notes being given out - here is how to spot them

Police have warned of fake £5 being used in shops in West Yorkshire.
Fake 5 noteFake 5 note
Fake 5 note

Fake notes were used in Ossett, police said.

Posting on Facebook, WYP Wakefield said: "We would like to make you aware of Fake £5.00 notes that have been given out in Ossett today.

"We had reports of 3 being given to shop / stall holders, there are 4 main differences to look out for."

The four points are:

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1, The queens face next to the gold tower has a scratch on her cheek

2, The Gold tower is very faint ( Big Ben )

3, There is a white fold in the ink

4, The top and bottom of the queens head the blue ink merges into the white background.