Police catch driver speeding at 38mph over limit in rural Otley, Yeadon, Horsforth, Adel and Bramhope patrols

Police have caught a number of speeding drivers in their patrol of rural north west Leeds areas, including one travelling at 38mph over the speed limit.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 11:45 am
photos: West Yorkshire Police Leeds North West

During patrols in Otley, Yeadon, Horsforth, Adel and Bramhope on the evening of Saturday, May 22, special constables found one driver speeding at 78mph in a 40mph zone.

This was in addition to three other drivers travelling at 64mph, 58mph and 54mph also in a 40mph zone.

Two drivers were found to be speeding in a 30mph zone as well - one going at 49mph and the other at 43mph.

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During the patrol, the north west Leeds neighbourhood policing officers also seized one vehicle as the driver only had a provisional license, no L plates and was not being supervised.

They also said a "handful" of tickets were handed out to people driving without MOTs and seatbelts.

Officers said "none of these speeds are acceptable" and that all drivers were dealt with appropriately - some receiving fines and points and others possible disqualification.

The north west Leeds policing team revealed what had happened on social media: "On Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd May, Special constables working as part of Leeds North West NPT were very busy conducting road safety work throughout the Otley, Yeadon, Horsforth, Adel & Bramhope areas.

"Schools were visited on Friday to check for parking compliance, before moving to more rural areas with the speed gun. This continued on Saturday night, Results included:

* 78mph in a 40mph zone

* 64mph in a 40mph zone

* 58mph in a 40mph zone

* 54mph in a 40mph zone

* 49mph in a 30mph zone

* 43mph in a 30mph zone

* 1 vehicle seized due to the driver only having a provisional license, no L plates displayed & not being supervised.

"In addition to this, a handful of tickets were handed out for driving without MOTs & seatbelts.

"None of these speeds are acceptable & all drivers were dealt with appropriately. Some will recieve fines & points, others may face disqualification."