Police box in Leeds driver in cloned car who tried to ditch police in fast food drive-through

Police in Leeds chased a driver into a fast food restaurant's drive-through before boxing in the vehicle and making arrests.

Saturday, 18th May 2019, 9:31 am
The silver Toyota police boxed in inside the drive-through car park

West Yorkshire Police chased this silver Toyota into a drive-through near the Ring Road in West Park, Leeds, on Thursday.

Police spotted the cloned vehicle before the driver tried to evade police by going into a drive-through.

Officers then boxed in the vehicle and detained the occupants.

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The car was found to be stolen and there was also a burglary tool kit inside.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "RING ROAD, WEST PRK, LEEDS, cloned vehicle attempted to evade our attention by going into the drive of a popular fast food establishment.

"Vehicle boxed in and occupants detained. Vehicle found to be a stolen vehicle. Also found in the vehicle was a burglars tool kit."