Officers shocked as E-scooter rider attempts to join West Yorkshire motorway with 70mph traffic

A shocking video clip shared by West Yorkshire police showed the moment an E-scooter driver attempted to join the M606 motorway - with traffic at 70mph.

By Daniel Sheridan
Monday, 21st June 2021, 10:09 am

Officers on patrol in Bradford were "shocked" to see the rider on the chevrons trying to join the live motorway.

The scooter was seized and the rider reported, police confirmed.

Privately owned E-scooters are not legal on public roads or pavements.

They can only be used on private land, police said.

West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit said: "M606, Bradford - Officers on patrol were shocked to see this E-Scooter on the chevrons trying to join a live motorway lane with 70mph traffic.

"Scooter seized and rider reported.

"Privately owned E-Scooters cannot legally be used on a public road/pavement and only on private land."

cc WYP Roads Policing Unit