Murder victim suffered more than 100 blunt force injuries to his head and body as he was beaten to death at flat near to Leeds city centre, jury told

A murder victim suffered more than 100 injuries to his head and body after being "beaten to death" at a flat near to Leeds city centre, jurors were told.

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 6:00 am

Daniel Jeffrey was declared dead after police and paramedics were called to the flat at Balmoral Place, Bowman Lane, Brewery Wharf, on April 13 last year.

Leeds Crown Court heard Mr Jeffrey had multiple injuries to his head, chest, abdomen and limbs which appeared to have been inflicted less than 24 hours before his death.

The flat owner, James Macken, 53, is on trial accused of murder.

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Daniel Jeffrey was found dead at flat on Balmoral Place, Bowman Lane, near to Leeds city centre

Chloe Hudson, prosecuting, told the court Mr Jeffrey had gone to stay with Macken less than a week before his death.

Ms Hudson said Mr Jeffrey was from London and it is not clear how the two men knew each other.

They had been in touch with each other since at least 2019.

Mr Jeffrey, 32, caught a train from London to Leeds to go stay with Macken on April 6.

A friend who saw him board the train to Leeds said Mr Jeffrey had no visible injuries at the time.

Over the course of the next few days Mr Jeffrey sent text messages to his mother complaining of feeling unwell.

A message sent on Friday April 10 stated: "I need to come home."

In another message he told his mother he had been arguing with the defendant.

Macken was filmed on CCTV on a number of occasions going to his local Sainsbury's store to buy vodka, cigarettes and wine.

Mr Jeffrey was last seen alive at the store on April 11 when he used Macken's credit card to buy vodka and Lucozade.

Ms Hudson said Mr Jeffrey did not appear to be in any discomfort on the footage.

Macken knocked on his neighbours' door on the morning of April 11.

The prosecutor said: "The defendant said that he had a friend staying who was an alcoholic.

"He told (the neighbour) that if he heard any banging he should discuss the matter with him before contacting the concierge."

Macken also said to the neighbour: "He is all skin and bone. I am trying to look after him."

The neighbour thought the incident was unusual as Macken had never knocked on his door before. The neighbour said Macken appeared drunk.

Neighbours later heard banging coming from Macken's flat that was so loud it could be heard over the sound of the TV.

Ms Hudson said they described the sound as being "like furniture banging against a wall."

Macken called emergency services to his home and Mr Jeffrey was pronounced dead by paramedics at 3.38pm.

The defendant told police Mr Jeffrey had been drinking "a lot of vodka", had fallen over repeatedly and had been sick.

Macken also said they had taken a small amount of cocaine that morning.

He claimed he had put his friend in the bath and then helped him get into bed.

Ms Hudson said: "He said when he left Mr Jeffrey on the bed he was conscious and had given him the thumbs-up."

Extensive injuries to Mr Jeffrey's body were discovered during a post mortem.

He had suffered nine fractured ribs and an injury to his spleen which had caused him to lose over a litre of blood internally.

Toxicology reports revealed a low level of alcohol and a "recreation level" of cocaine in Mr Jeffery's blood.

Ms Hudson said: "It is very unlikely that Mr Jeffrey was significantly intoxicated when he died."

A pathologist concluded that Mr Jeffrey had suffered the injuries as a result of a "sustained physical assault."

Ms Hudson told the jury: "The Crown says that Daniel Jeffrey received his fatal injuries at the hands of this defendant as a result of an unlawful assault.

"An assault that would have involved numerous heavy impacts.

"He beat Daniel Jeffrey to death. There is no other mechanism by which Daniel Jeffrey could have received his injuries.

"No one else could have caused these injuries.

"There is no evidence or suggestion that a third party was involved.

"The Crown says that this defendant was responsible for those injuries and murdered Daniel Jeffrey."

The trial continues.