Leeds fraudster jailed for making false insurance claims and stealing £18,000 from employer

A fraudster from Leeds has been jailed for making false insurance claims and stealing more than £18,000 from his employer.
Mohammed Aumran.Mohammed Aumran.
Mohammed Aumran.

Mohammed Aumran, 42, of Ederoyd Mount in Pudsey, attempted to make a series of false insurance claims, lying to companies about his poor insurance history.

He also diverted around £18,000 into his own account when he worked at a claims management company and attempted to divert nearly £17,000 more.

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Aumran pleaded guilty to six counts of fraud by false representation and one count of fraud by abuse of position.

He was sentenced to three years and one month imprisonment on Thursday, October 10, at Leeds Crown Court.

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The City of London Police's Insurance Enforcement Fraud Department (IFED) launched an investigation after AXA Insurance flagged up a concern.

AXA had discovered that Aumran had lied when he bought a home insurance policy, stating that in the previous five years he hadn’t had any policies cancelled or refused and hadn’t made any claims.

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The company also found out that he’d purchased a car insurance policy and provided a false five-year no claims discount letter.

IFED discovered that Aumran used alias names when buying these policies to try and avoid being caught and even changed his real name by deed poll to secure one policy.

Whenever Aumran was successful in obtaining a policy, he went on to make false high value claims for theft, burglary and damage to his property - including numerous claims for escapes of water.

Aumran also diverted money directly into his account when working for a claims management company, providing insurers with his own bank account details instead of the company's for to pay into.

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Detective Sergeant Andy Thomas, who led the investigation for IFED, said: "It’s clear from this case that Aumran is a wholly deceitful person.

"He was continually dishonest to insurers over many years in order to make numerous fraudulent claims against them and he not only defrauded his employer to initially get a job, but also abused that position to steal tens of thousands of pounds.

“His fraudulent actions and lies have eventually caught up with him, and thanks to the continued support from AXA, RSA, Aviva, Allianz and NFU Mutual throughout our investigation, we have been able to bring this serial offender to justice.”