Leeds drug dealer Mohammed Fike Butt to be sentenced for murdering man by deliberately driving over him in his car in Headingley

A murderer who killed a man and tried to seriously injure two others by driving his car at them in a street in Headingley is due to be sentenced today

By Tony Gardner
Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 9:54 am

Mohammed Fike Butt has pleaded guilty to murdering Jason Llanwarne during the horrific attack of September 14 last year.

The 31-year-old has also admitted attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent to Dean Ward and Scott Chalders during the same incident.

Butt entered guilty pleas on Friday (March 26), midway through his trial at Leeds Crown Court.

Mohammed Fike Butt has pleaded guilty to murder.

Jurors heard how Butt laughed as he drove his car over Mr Llanwarne's body as he lay injured on the pavement after being deliberately knocked down.

Butt then went to a takeaway and ordered himself a portion of cheesy chips moments after causing the fatal injuries.

Prosecutors said Butt carried out the attack to teach the three men "a lesson" during a dispute over drugs.

CCTV footage of the attack in which Butt used his car "as a weapon" was played in court.

Butt drove his car at Mr Chalders and Mr Ward, causing injuries to Mr Chalder's leg.

The defendant's Mazda then re-joined the carriageway before turning around, mounting the pavement again and driving at all three men.

Mr Llanwarne was struck and carried on the bonnet before falling to the floor.

Butt then turned the vehicle around and drove at the men a third time despite his windscreen being smashed.

The court heard a wheel was deliberately driven over Mr Llanwarne while his friends were trying to pull him out of the way.

Butt, of Cross Flatts Avenue, Beeston, abandoned his car behind a nearby takeaway and called a taxi.

Mr Llanwarne had been in contact with Butt earlier in the evening to arrange to buy drugs from him.

CCTV footage from the area showed Mr Llanwarne getting into the Mazda with Butt and an unknown male.

Prosecutor Stephen Wood QC said: "It seems. . .a dispute erupted while Jason was inside the car."

Moments later, Butt and the other male were captured on the footage fighting with Mr Llanwarne in the street.

Mr Llanwarne was punched hard in the face by Butt and knocked to the floor.

Mr Ward and Mr Chalders then ran to help their friend.

Butt went to his car and drove at the men seconds later.

Mr Llanwarne suffered multiple injuries to his head and body and was declared dead at Leeds General Infirmary.

A pathologist said his death was caused by a tear to an artery in his neck.