Leeds dad bit his partner on the nose and repeatedly punched her in attack on the day of his father's funeral

A dad bit his partner on the nose and repeatedly punched her in the face in an attack on the day of his father funeral.

By Tony Gardner
Wednesday, 15th July 2020, 11:45 am

Ben Stubbs also threatened the mother of his child with a belt and caused £2,000 worth of damage by smashing her house up after the vicious assault.

Police had to force their way into the house and use tasers as they arrested him.

Leeds Crown Court heard Stubbs has a history of violence towards female partners.

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Ben Stubbs bit his partner on the nose in attack on the day of his father's funeral.

The 34-year-old, of Arthington View, Hunslet, Leeds was jailed for 22 months over the incident on September 25 last year.

Michael Smith, prosecuting, said the attack happened after the couple returned home from the defendant's father's funeral.

Stubbs became angry when his partner mentioned the name of one of his friends and said to her: "Why are you talking about him?"

Mr Smith said: "He accused her of wanting to start an intimate relationship with that man and the complainant described being hit in the living room."

Stubbs then wrapped a belt around his fist and pressed it against her neck.

The prosecutor continued: "The assault continued in the bedroom where he pinned her down and hit her repeatedly and also bit her on the nose, causing an injury."

The woman managed to fight Stubbs off and fled the property with their baby.

Police were contacted and went to the victim's home but they where unable to get inside.

Stubbs used a sofa to barricade himself in as he "trashed" the house.

Around £2,000 worth of damaged was caused. Stubbs also sliced up pictures of the victim's older child.

Officers eventually managed to force their way inside and deployed tasers as Stubbs was detained.

Stubbs pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

The victim described in a statement to the court how she suffered cuts and bruising to her face and head as well as injuries to her arms and legs.

The court heard Stubbs sent text messages to the woman days before the attack saying he was "changing into a bad man" and that he was scared he might hurt her.

Stubbs appeared in court via a video link from Armley jail.

The defendant raised his hand during the hearing and said: "She made that statement after she had been through my phone and found out I had been sleeping with another woman.

"I would just like to make that clear please."

Stubbs has convictions for assault and harassment against former partners dating back to 2010.

He was jailed for 18 months in 2017 for assaulting a girlfriend.

Glenn Parsons, mitigating, said Stubbs had been out of trouble for a long time before committing the offence.

He said the defendant had found work as a roofer and had settled down and started a family.

Mr Parsons said his client's behaviour changed following the death of his father.

He said: "His father was his best friend and someone who would help him get work and get him on the straight and narrow.

"On the day of the funeral he accepts that he drank far, far too much.

"He disgraced his father's memory in the conduct that ensued later that day.

"He makes no excuse for what he did.

"He let himself down badly."

Jailing Stubbs, Judge Christopher Batty said: "There is something within you.

"A lack of respect that you have for women and it has manifested itself in a number of different court appearances over a significant period of time."