Gang of youths on motorbikes causing chaos in Leeds on Halloween 'ride-out'

A group of around 30 people on motorbikes and quad bikes are causing chaos on Leeds' roads during what appears to be a Halloween 'ride-out'.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 8:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st October 2019, 9:30 pm

Video has emerged online of a group of vehicles running a red light on Woodhouse Lane near The Library pub.

A police siren can be heard in the background in the video, which was captured by University of Leeds journalism student Seb Cheer.

The incident echoes a Halloween ride-out in Leeds in 2016, when over 100 riders gathered on Kirkstall Road and drove into the city centre.

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Thirteen people were convicted and most given jail sentences for causing a public nuisance after driving in an anti-social and intimidating manner.

Many were wearing Halloween masks. Police received over 160 calls from members of the public.

And in 2018, police were called to deal with around 50 youths on motorbikes who were riding dangerously through Seacroft.

There is nothing to suggest that tonight's ride-out is connected to that of 2016 - and some commenters online appeared unphased by their actions.

The Halloween ride-out on Kirkstall Road in 2016.

But others suggested they had been driving inappropriately nearby.

One man posted: "Just had this lot come down Meanwood Road running red lights at crossroads, weaving in and out of cars who stopped in panic and driving on the path when kids are out and about trick or treating. Sorry but there is no need at all."

One woman said: "Just seen all these at Roundhay. No lights, in the middle of the road and on the paths. Some just drove straight past a lady on the pavement with no lights on!"

Another wrote: "I've just nearly killed one of these idiots. Driving like nutcases with no lights on in dark clothing!! They've really shaken me up!"

The ride-out on Woodhouse Lane (Photo and video: Seb Cheer).

"They came through Halton at 6pm riding on the paths just missing children trick or treating and blocking 4 cars on the road driving at either side of them while waiting to pass parked cars absolutely disgusting," wrote another woman online.

Ride-outs at Halloween have become something of a tradition for some people at this time of year.

Similar events take place in cities across the country, and are normally advertised on Facebook.