Fears over dog snatching ring in Yorkshire after several pets go missing on walks with owners

A dog snatching ring could be operating in Yorkshire, dog owners have warned, after several pets went missing from the same area in a matter of weeks.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 7th January 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 12:36 pm

Fears that a dog snatching ring could be operating in the area have been raised after three pets went missing in a matter of weeks.

Amber, Honey and Mylee, the missing dogs, all disappeared while on walks with their owners, reports the Wakefield ExpressTwo-year-old Honey has a distinctive white mark on her face.

Amber, a four-year-old red working cocker spaniel, disappeared while on a walk in Rabbit Ings Country Park at Royston on Saturday, September 1.

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Three of the dogs which have been reported missing

And on Sunday, December 2, Honey, a red cocker spaniel with a distinctive white patch on her nose, was reported missing in the same park.

Honey’s owner, Carole Wright, said her husband had been walking Honey and their younger dog, Daisy.

She said: “Spaniels being spaniels, they like to run around bushes. They ran into this little area, and Daisy came back and Honey didn’t. Amber has been missing for four months.

“Whether it was planned or an opportunist, someone has taken her.”

Mylee, a white Shih Poo with brown patches, went missing in November

-> The 17 surgery procedures which will be harder to get on the NHS in West YorkshireMylee went missing in Havercroft on Sunday, November 25.

A white Shih Poo with brown patches and dark brown ears, Mylee was just 15 weeks old when she slipped her lead and escaped from owner Lisa Toon.

Lisa said: “She got off the lead and ran away. I shouted her to stop but as I went towards her she bolted. When I got to the gate I went left, thinking she’d gone home, but she wasn’t there.”

Shortly after Mylee disappeared, a man reported helping to capture a dog matching Mylee’s description before returning her to a woman he believed to be her owner.

Two-year-old Honey has a distinctive white mark on her face.

But Lisa was not involved in the incident, and said she has been unable to trace the woman. All three dogs were microchipped.

David Drury, Amber’s owner, said: “I’ve owned and trained dogs for 40 years, and I’ve never come across a situation like this.”

Amber has been missing for four months.