Ex-model ran amok for five months on return to Leeds

Marcus Marrocco.Marcus Marrocco.
Marcus Marrocco.
Marcus Marrocco 'ran amok' during a five-month period in 2014 after returning to Leeds from London where he had been working as a model.

His first offences of violence in Roundhay Park in July of that year were the last to catch up with him.

Four months after those first offences Marrocco was wearing a Halloween costume as he threatened a man with a handgun before breaking his jaw in a street attack

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He knocked the victim to the ground with a karate kick and punched him repeatedly to the face.

Marrocco had been to a Halloween party and had his face covered by a ski mask when he carried out the attack in Harehills, Leeds, in the early hours of November 1.

Marrocco could be seen walking along the road shouting and kicking out at passing cars.

He then targeted the victim and his girlfriend.

Marrocco, who was heavily drunk and had been taking drugs, shouted abuse at the couple and told the victim he was going to get shot.

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He took out an air pistol but told the victim it was a real gun.

The men then struggled and the pistol was discharged.

Marrocco was released on bail after the incident but was involved in a savage gang attack three weeks later.

Walshaw recruited Marrocco and another man to join him in carrying out the vicious beating of his ex-partner’s new boyfriend.

The victim was left with a broken nose and a fractured eye socket at the house in Gledhow, Leeds.

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A court heard how the three men attacked the victim while he was naked as he tried to get out of the bath to escape.

The attackers took it in turns to hold him as he was punched and kicked.

As they left the blood-soaked bathroom, Walshaw told his former girlfriend: “You might need to get your bathroom decorated.”

Leeds Crown Court heard the three men had been drinking heavily when they barged their way into the house after knocking on the door.

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They demanded to know where her boyfriend was and walked around the property looking for him.

Marrocco’s barrister Taryn Turner said the offences occurred at a time when he was working for a modelling agency in London but had returned to Leeds.

She said: “He was struggling to get by and still had connections here.

“There is little to keep him in the North and it may will be that he may return south to find his fame and fortune there.”

Mrs Turner added: “This was a period in his life when he behaved very badly, it was fuelled by alcohol.

“Over a period of four or five months this defendant ran amok.”