Euro Cylinder lock burglaries: Police issue warning following spike in Horsforth, Yeadon and Rawdon

Police stock imagePolice stock image
Police stock image
West Yorkshire Police has issued a warning to residents following a "slight spike" in burglaries in the Horsforth, Yeadon and Rawdon areas.

The force said it had "unfortunately" seen the spike during the course of last week.

Officers reported that the method in which the burglaries were attempted were consistent, and that properties fitted with Euro-Profile locks were mainly those targeted.

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They encouraged residents to follow their crime prevention advice on locks.

This is as follows:

1. Look to upgrade your cylinder locks to one’s that have either achieved a 3 star rating under TS 007 and/or the Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312). Some cylinders have achieved both.

2. Enhanced security handles achieving a 2 star rating under TS 007 should also be considered.

3. Cylinder locks can be changed by yourself. However, it is vital that they are measured properly to ensure the right size for your door. They should NOT be fitted so that they are left protruding from the door unit or handle.

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4. If you are going to ask someone to upgrade your locks consider using the Master Locksmiths Association ( Always obtain 3 quotes for the fitting of new locks to the standards referenced and pick the one that best suits your circumstances.

5. You may also be able to fit sash jammers to your doors, which have also proven to prevent burglaries. It’s important that you check the warranty for your door first though, in order to ensure that the fitting of additional devices won’t negate it.

A spokesperson for the West Yorkshire Police north west team said: "We've unfortunately seen a slight spike in burglaries in the Horsforth & Yeadon/Rawdon areas this week. The method in which the burglaries were attempted was consistent, mainly targeting properties fitted with Euro-Profile locks.

"We have attached below some crime prevention advice to ensure your locks are up to scratch.

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"You can also contact us via email to ask for proactive crime prevention advice:

"Weetwood, Headingley & Hyde Park, Little London & Woodhouse - [email protected]

"Otley, Yeadon, Guiseley, Rawdon, Horsforth, Adel & Wharfedale - [email protected]."