'Desperate' drug addict stabbed 90-year-old man multiple times and left him to die in his own home, Leeds Crown Court murder trial jury told

A 90-year-old man was stabbed multiple times and left to die in his own home, jurors in a murder trial at Leeds Crown Court were told.

Wednesday, 28th October 2020, 6:00 am

Glyndwr Waywan is on trial accused of murdering Nathan Suggitt at his home on Love Lane Terrace, Pontefract, in October last year.

Waywan, 50, is also accused of robbing a 61-year-old woman at knifepoint and trying to force her inside her home in Pontefract three weeks before the fatal attack on Mr Suggitt.

Wayman, of Love Lane Terrace, Pontefract, pleads not guilty to murder and robbery.

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Leeds Crown Court

The prosecution claim Wayman carried out the offences at a time when he was "desperate" after splitting up with his girlfriend and relapsing into drug use.

Kama Melly QC, prosecuting, gave the jury a brief overview of the case yesterday (October 26).

The prosecution case is expected to be opened in full later today.

Ms Melly said Wayman was also living on the same street as Mr Suggitt at the time of the alleged offences.

The court heard Wayman had been in a relationship with a woman called Tracey Johnson.

The relationship broke down in September 2019 and she left him, returning to live in Hull.

Ms Melly said: "Mr Wayman and Tracy Johnson had issues with drugs and it seems they had both had some success earlier in ridding themselves of their drug addiction.

"But, by September 2019, we say that both Tracy Johnson and Mr Wayman had relapsed and were using drugs and their relationship had broken down.

"The situation that Mr Wayman was in as of September 12 is that he was desperate."

Ms Melly said Wayman sent a text message to his former partner on September 12 stating: "I wish I could sleep now Trace and not f****** wake. Really don't care now for my life."

The robbery offence is alleged to have taken place early the next day as the 61-year-old woman was returning home from a shopping trip to Asda.

Ms Melly said the woman was robbed at knifepoint on the path outside her home.

The attacker tried to force the woman inside her home but she managed to resist the man's attempts.

When the attempt to force the woman inside the property failed, she was robbed of her handbag and contents.

Jurors were told the fatal knife attack upon Mr Suggitt took place just over three weeks later, on October 5.

Ms Melly said: "Mr Suggitt was tragically stabbed in his home multiple times by an attacker and was left to die."

The court heard Mr Suggitt's phone and other belongings were taken from him.

The prosecutor continued: "It is the Crown's case that the evidence we will present to you over the course of this trial will, we submit, make you sure that the defendant was the perpetrator of both of these offences."

Ms Melly said Mr Suggitt was known to people at Terry and was a local character who would stop and chat to people in the street.

He would often tidy the streets by collecting litter as he walked to his local shops.

Before the start of the trial, Judge Simon Phillips QC told the jury: "This case concerns the death of an elderly man and the robbery of a woman

"You will have to examine the evidence with care and detail.

"Aspects of this may be distressing. Anything that might cause distress will be kept to an absolute minimum"

The trial continues.