Cottage pie, fry ups and curry: The full food and drink menu for suspects in police custody in Leeds

The complete food and drink menu on offer to suspects and offenders in West Yorkshire Police custody has been revealed by the force.

By Alex Evans
Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 2:43 pm
Fancy a fry up? This is one of the meals on offer in West Yorkshire Police custody
Fancy a fry up? This is one of the meals on offer in West Yorkshire Police custody

Those arrested, detained or otherwise taken into police custody are offered a range of food and drink from a set menu - including vegan food - when in custody at a police station. The information was revealed in a Freedom of Information Act request submitted to and published by West Yorkshire Police in August 2019.

Note: Your police custody cottage pie MAY not look as good as this
Served with rice
Police specify a 'complete All Day Breakfast', which once upon a time we would have called a fry up, or even a Full English or Full Irish, depending on your provenance.
There IS a vegan/veggie offering on the custody menu: a complete vegetarian or vegan breakfast, served with beans and wedges
Beef lasagne is also on the menu
Served up with rice.
Chilli, served up with rice, available in both beef and vegetarian forms
Or as the police put it, a 'complete minced lamb hotpot'
Theyyyy're great, even when you're in police custody
On the breakfast menu, those in custody can plump for an instant porridge pot. Bon appetit!
Police classify the coffee on offer as 'really rich incup' or 'black incup', Hot chocolate is also available.
Both white tea and black tea are available. Police don't specify what brand it is, but surely it's our Yorkshire Tea?
Yup, water. It's a basic human right, obviously.