'Controlling' Middleton man stabbed ex-partner in the stomach with a kitchen knife in drunken rage

A man from Middleton has avoided a prison sentence after stabbing his ex-partner in the neck and stomach with a kitchen knife.

By Richard Beecham
Monday, 9th May 2022, 4:45 pm

Andrew Beilby, 47, of Thorpe Court, attacked the victim on February 24 this year, causing injuries to her stomach and neck, causing her to need hospital treatment.

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Leeds Crown Court heard that Beilby had been drinking during the day with the victim, when they began arguing.

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The sentence was passed at Leeds Crown Court.

After unsuccessfully demanding he look at her phone, Beilby went into the kitchen then returned to the room holding a cutting knife he had taken from the drying rack.

He then stabbed her in the neck and the stomach, causing bleeding and a puncture wound.

Beilby then immediately called an ambulance, while the victim contacted the police. Beilby was said to have fully co-operated with emergency services when they arrived.

The victim was said to need hospital treatment, including stitches to her neck.

Prosecuting, Robert Galley said: "The complainant says he was controlling during the relationship and he wanted to get back with her."

He added the victim did not want Beilby to go to prison, but had asked for a restraining order against him.

Mitigating for Beilby, Stuart Field told the court: "The defendant's case has always been that he did not go with an intention of harming her. He was cooking and went in with the knife which he had been drying.

"He behaved in an appropriate manner in terms of calling an ambulance and cooperated with the police.

"He is content that this relationship is at an end - he does not intent to continue it in any way."

Passing the sentence, Recorder Christopher Rose said: "These were unpleasant injuries and it must have been for her a terrifying experience.

"She was with you because she trusted you, and this was an attempt from you to control her.

"She was in hospital, it's only by good fortune that you did not cause her a more serious injury - it must have been extremely painful.

"I hope you take the opportunity to ensure this is the last time you appear in court."

The judge added that Beilby showed a "worrying pattern" of domestic abuse, and that he would benefit from courses on building better relationships.

Given Beilby had been on remand for three months, Judge Rose gave a sentence of 15 months suspended for two years. He also ordered Beilby to attend an accredited "building better relationships" course, 20 days rehabilitation and to partake in 200 hours of unpaid work. He also passed a restraining order to ensure Beilby would not contact the victim by phone, text or social media.