Broadway Horsforth murder: Mum describes moment police vans swarmed Leeds street after woman's death

A woman has spoken of the terrifying moment six police vehicles swarmed a block of flats opposite her home in Horsforth before a man was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 11:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 11:44 am

A mum who wished to remain anonymous said her children were left in a state of shock after both police and crime scene investigators turned up at a block of flats in Broadway, Horsforth on Tuesday evening.

A man aged 35 was arrested on suspicion of murder after a 26-year-old woman's body was found at a house in Leeds.

She described how her partner heard sirens before police vans pulled up on the grass ledge opposite their home at around 3pm on Tuesday.

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Police at the scene in Broadway, Horsforth following the launch of a murder investigation
Police at the scene in Broadway, Horsforth following the launch of a murder investigation

Officers had equipment used to break down doors and were seen entering the block of flats, the woman said.

-> Live updates: Follow the latest from the scene in Horsforth as police launch murder investigationSpeaking to the YEP from the doorstep of her home, she said: “My kids are so worried.

“They obviously don’t know exactly what happened but when you have police knocking on your door at night, it is scary.

“There is never crime here, there hasn’t been anything since the fatal crash a few years ago.”

Broadway, Horsforth, where police were called on Tuesday afternoon

The woman told how police teams were guarding the block of flats when she returned home from the park with her children.

She added: “They were here all night. There must have been five or six vans, then the CSI team later.

“When I woke up this morning at around 8am, a police van was still outside.”

The woman told the YEP she had lived on the busy main ring road through Horsforth for around five years.

The road outside her home had last been cordoned off for a multiple-fatality crash.

However, she said a cordon had not been put in place for this incident.

The woman said: “We didn’t know what had happened but from what it looked like, we knew it was serious.

“It seemed bigger than a robbery or anything like that.

“I read about it on the police website last night.”

The resident said she didn’t know the victim at all but expressed her sorrow at her young age.

She said many of her kids school friends lived in the block of flats, which are just yards from a primary school.

She added: “It is half term thankfully otherwise many would have seen all the police there during the school run yesterday.

“My kids are scared, they don’t know what happened but it does worry them.”