Argument between housemates led to life-changing head injuries

A Holbeck woman has avoided prison after an attack left her friend with lifelong head injuries.

By Richard Beecham
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 4:45 am

Police were called to the home of Emma Davey, 34, in Neynell Walk, at around lunchtime on November 18 last year following reports of a fight.

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They found Davey laid down unresponsive, believing her to be under the influence of drink or drugs, and found another woman lying with injuried to her head and blood in her mouth. When they asked the woman who had done this, she replied "Emma", and police arrested Davey.

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The hearing took place in Leeds Crown Court.

When the victim was interviewed by police, she said Davey had been out with her before the two got into an argument, during which point Davey pushed the victim, causing her to fall and injure her head.

Prosecuting Davey, Anthony Moore told the court that the victim, who had been staying at Davey's address, suffered an acute hematoma and required immediate surgery, before being in intensive care for four days. She also had a further procedure to wash out a cranial wound.

Moore added that the victim had recovered well but still suffers from severe headaches, and is awaiting an operation to insert a plastic plate into her skull.

A statement written by the victim was also read to the court, which stated: "The assault caused me significant head injuries. It has changed my life. I constantly have a dull pain at the top of my neck and there is no medical remedy for this.

"As a result of the injury, I am not steady on my feet - I can't walk any further than my local shop, and I have episodes of fitting about once a month.

"I have to sleep every four hours to make it through the day."

Mitigating, Sohain Khan referenced that Davey's last offence was in 2015, adding: "She is someone who, if she tries, can keep out of trouble.

"Every month she has been in prison has been quite sanitary. It's to her credit that she spoke to me with stoicism about it. She wants a rehabilitation package to work with once she is out of prison."

He added Davey was currently on a methodone programme to combat her drug use, and had recently reconnected with her eldest daughter.

Davey had pleaded guilty to unlawfully committing grievous bodily harm.

Sentencing Davey, Recorder Gurdial Singh said: "Yours is a sad background of drugs, homelessness and prostitution.

"I am prepared to stand back and put you on trust with a suspended sentence.

"The time has now come to give you some structured support. If you don't, you will have no one to blame but yourself."

He gave Davey a two year prison sentence, suspended for two years, as well as a nine-month drug rehabilitation order and a restraining order for the victim.

Following the sentencing, Recorder Singh said: "I am giving you one last opportunity to put this behind you."