12 hour student street party left Headingley residents too scared to leave their houses

Residents in Headingley have described feeling "under siege” on Wednesday when a 12 hour student house party left them frightened to leave their homes.

By Corinne Macdonald
Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 6:01 pm
Granby View, Headingley. PIC: Google
Granby View, Headingley. PIC: Google

Linden Almond, of Granby View, described how from 1.30pm to 2am the following day, music blared from an industrial PA system whilst the revellers got increasingly drunk.

She said: “I’ve lived here in this house since 1982 and have never had anything like this.

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Granby View, Headingley. PIC: Google

“It was louder than Headingley stadium.

A video taken by another resident on the street, who wished to remain anonymous, shows the flashing lights and the deafening volume of the music.

Miss Almond added: “They attempted to block of the road with bins and stolen roadwork signs until a neighbour came back and told them not to.

“I saw drinking and drug taking and people were urinating in the street.”

She explained that the street is home to a number of older residents who were too afraid to confront the students.

She continued: “I’m in my 60s, my neighbours are in their 80s, there’s a 12-year-old girl across the road who had to go to school today.

“We were too scared to confront them because they were all drunk and high.”

Frustrations mounted when both the council and the police told them there was nothing they could do.

Miss Almond explained: “We phoned noise nuisance at the council and were told they couldn’t do anything until after 6pm.

“Then we phoned 101 and were told if it’s noise-related then we had to ring the council.”

Police first attended the scene at 5.30pm but the volume level continued into the evening as more and more guests joined the party.

At its peak Miss Almond estimated there to be around 100 people in the street.

Miss Almond continued: “We’re all quite happy for students to have parties, but it was the nature of this one.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.

“It was frightening, it was intimidating, especially when they were all starting to come in from outside, spilling out from the Box and the Skyrack.”

By 11pm the residents felt so desperate that they began to phone 999.

The police finally attended the scene at 2.10am to break up the party, but for people living in the street, the effects are longer lasting.

“It was a very scary experience,” said Miss Lindon, “We felt completely abandoned and like no one was going to help.

“If we don’t knock this on the head it gives the green light to future parties like it.

“There seems to be no legal way to intervene in the early stages of a party like this to prevent it descending into the chaos we experienced.”

West Yorkshire Police confirmed they were called an address on the street but said they saw no evidence of crimes being committed and it was a matter for the council.

Leeds council sent a team to clean-up the street this morning and have also met with residents to discuss there concerns.

A spokesman for the council said: “Leeds City Council take all reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously and the wellbeing of people living in our communities is a top priority.

“Behaviour which is detrimental to the lives of our residents is unacceptable and we will always take appropriate and proportionate action to support those who are affected by anti-social behaviour.

“We have met with residents on this street today and heard their concerns about the property and we are now what progressing with any action which we will need to take to prevent similar incidents at this location from reoccurring.”