The 11 key events that led to the downfall of the Khan family's organised crime group as police dismantled major drug conspiracy in south Leeds

A painstaking police investigation involving the seizure of cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, cash and mobile phones from homes and cars in south Leeds led to the downfall of a family-run drug dealing conspiracy.

By Tony Gardner
Saturday, 13th February 2021, 11:45 am

Four members of the Khan family have been jailed for a total of more than 20 years over their 'ring and bring' cannabis supply operation.

The Khans' ran the illegal operation from their family home on Tempest Road, a property described by a judge as a 'drug supermarket'.

Officers executed search warrants at a number of homes in south Leeds and seized 3.5kg of cannabis.

Members of the Khan family (from top left) Asif, Kashif, Shamrayz and Sohail were jailed for cannabis conspiracy ran from a house on Tempest Road, Beeston

Large amounts of cash and other drugs were also recovered from properties and vehicles during a dogged investigation which took almost 18 months.

Drugs seized by officers represented only the 'tip of the iceberg' in terms of the actual amount of cannabis thought to have been sold.

A phone line operated by the gang received 200 messages a day during the period of the conspiracy.

From the vast number of calls and messages received on phones belonging to gang members, officers were able to calculate that at least 40kg of cannabis was sold on the city's streets.

Asif Khan was jailed for seven years, ten months.

Brothers Asif and Kashif Khan and their cousins Shamrayz and Sohail were handed prison sentenced at Leeds Crown Court yesterday (February 12).

Prosecutors outlined the following 11 key events in which detectives were able to prove the family's involvement in a conspiracy in order to bring them to justice.

EVENT 1: October 4, 2017. Tempest Road.

Police went to the Tempest Road address following an anonymous call reporting an incident in which a male had been injured.

Kashif Khan was given a two-year sentence

On arrival the officers saw Shamrayz, who had a leg injury.

Shamraz would later report to officers that he did not know who caused his injury, that their faces were covered with balaclavas and that he did not have any disagreements with anyone.

The officers spoke with his uncle, Amjad Khan, and the house was searched.

Two plastic bags containing cannabis were recovered.

Shamrayz Khan was jailed for five years, four months

The total street value of the cannabis was £2,190.

A number of mobile phones were recovered and £170 in cash.

Amjad admitted that the drugs belonged to him but refused to comment when interviewed further.

EVENT 2: July 2, 2018. Cemetery Road, Beeston.

Officers saw a silver Mercedes C220 travelling along Cemetery Road in which Kashif and his cousin Sohail were travelling,

The vehicle turned left onto Elland Road and appeared to accelerate away before disappearing from view.

Sohail Khan was jailed for five years, four months

The area was searched and the vehicle was located, locked and empty, on Landmark Court, an industrial estate complex.

Officers saw Sohail walking towards the vehicle.

He was arrested after being recognised as having been the passenger in the vehicle.

The car was searched and a large number cannabis in ‘dealer bags’ was recovered from the passenger door.

A further search of the area was conducted and Kashif was found hiding in bushes.

The recovered cannabis was worth £370.

In addition, a number of mobile phones were recovered.

A black Nokia was found to use the dealer line number.

It contained a large number of messages relating to the supply of cannabis.

Three further phones contained messages relating to the supply of cannabis.

Sohail and Kashif were taken to Elland Road Police Station but declined to comment.

EVENT 3: July 23, 2018. Harlech Mount.

Patrol officers approached a silver BMW 335 and a black Audi S3 as the vehicles were side by side and the occupants were talking to each other.

As the officers’ vehicle approached, the Audi set off and parked at the rear of the BMW.

The occupants of the Audi - Kashif , Sohail and another male - quickly got out.

The male occupant of the BMW also got out and stood at the rear of the vehicle with the boot open.

The Audi occupants gathered at the rear of the vehicle before walking towards the officers.

Kashif was searched and the keys to the Audi vehicle were found hidden in his underwear.

The Audi was searched and 19 packages of skunk, worth £310, were recovered along with £610 in cash.

The packages contained Shamrayz's fingerprints.

A phone which used the dealer line number was seized and found to contain texts relating to the sale of cannabis.

EVENT 4: September, 5, 2018. Burlington Road.

Police executed a search warrant at the home of Shamrayz and Sohail.

Cannabis worth £6,330 was found in 28 separate containers.

The packages contained the fingerprints of Sohail, Shamrayz and Asif.

Three phones were recovered. One device contained a video file that showed Shamrayz weighing and packaging cannabis.

In addition, £1,280 in cash, digital scales and a large number of grip seal bags were recovered.

Over 2kg of amphetamine, worth £22,870, was found in packages in the cellar and other rooms.

Shamrayz and Sohail accepted being in possession of the amphetamine with intent to supply it to others

A hydraulic press, used to compress cocaine and amphetamine, was also recovered from the cellar.

EVENT 5: September 5, 2018. Tempest Road.

A search warrant was executed at the home of Amjad, Kashif and Asif.

Cannabis with a street value of around £200 was seized along with £2,300 from a jacket.

EVENT 6: October 18, 2018. Tempest Road.

Katie Saville's home, yards from the Khans' home, was searched.

Skunk cannabis worth £560 was found in 19 separate jars and £180 in cash was recovered.

Saville accepted that she was allowing her partner, Michael O’Reilly, to store the cannabis at her home.

A small amount of amphetamine, valued at £100, was recovered from her bedroom.

Saville stated that her partner often came to stay at her home.

She stated that the cannabis had been brought to her house by someone she did not wish to name.

EVENT 7: October 25, 2018. White Rose Centre.

Police officers stopped a BMW Shamrayz and O'Reilly were in and carried out a driver insurance check.

Officers noticed a strong smell of cannabis and searched the car.

Cannabis worth £80 was recovered and both men were arrested.

An iPhone and two Nokia phones were found when they were searched in custody.

One phone contained a message from Asif.

Another was examined and found to use the dealer line number.

It contained a large number of messages relating to the supply of cannabis, described as ‘excellent examples’ of the ‘ring and bring’ model in operation by the organised crime group.

Messages clearly showed that the conspiracy’s key area of business was in supplying high quality cannabis skunk in £10 and £20 street deals.

Later that day, Asif was captured on CCTV at the White Rose Centre Vodafone store re-activating the dealer line number on a new sim card.

EVENT 8: November 22, 2018. Brompton Grove.

Officers stopped O'Reilly in a red Ford Fiesta on Brompton Grove.

Shamrayz was the front seat passenger.

The officers immediately noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from inside the vehicle.

When asked if any cannabis was present in the vehicle, Shamrayz stated that he had an amount secreted in his underwear.

He was then searched and a clear bag containing ten self-seal bags of cannabis was recovered.

Three mobile phones were recovered and contained messages relating to cannabis supply.

A message was recovered that had been sent by a phone linked to Asif.

EVENT 9: December 14, 2018. Dulverton Close.

Police stopped O'Reilly in a black BMW on Dulverton Close. Kashif was a passenger.

O'Reilly refused to provide his details and accused officers of hassling him.

O’Reilly was arrested in relation to an unrelated matter.

On his arrest a small plastic bag was seen on the driver floor of the vehicle.

Within the bag were 17 grip seal bags containing a total of 616.34g of cannabis.

Kashif was also arrested.

Both men refused to comment in interview.

EVENT 10: January 25, 2019. Tempest Road.

Officers conducted a search of the Khans' home and found cannabis with a street value of £3,580 in the kitchen and an attic bedroom.

Also recovered from within the same attic bedroom was 107g of compressed cocaine at 94 per cent purity that was contained within four bags.

The class A drug was estimated to be worth f £8.560.

The fingerprints of both Shamrayz and Khan were on the packaging of the cocaine.

Some £20,020 in cash was recovered in bundles of £20 notes in a kitchen cupboard, fastened together by string.

EVENT 11: February 4, 2019. Dulverton Close.

Police executed a search warrant the home of Asif's former partner.

A carrier bag was found in a bedroom wardrobe that contained just over 1kg of cannabis skunk, worth £8,870.

The fingerprints of Asif and Shamrayz were recovered from the packaging.