10 things you said about... tickets issued at Leeds school for dangerous parking

Police were forced to issue tickets at a Leeds school due to dangerous parking at start and finish times.

By Molly Burke
Friday, 7th May 2021, 4:45 pm
photos: West Yorkshire Police - Leeds North West
photos: West Yorkshire Police - Leeds North West

The officers issued three tickets after patrolling the Horsforth school following reports of dangerous parking.

Many of you seemed to share the disappointment of the parking around many schools in Leeds.

Here is what you said:

Debbie Cookie Furness - "Need this at Shakespeare primary!"

Beverley Jane Welsh - "Well done, needs patrolling more often."

Alistair Guy - "About time we had some good news!"

Ian Locker - "They should visit all schools or put yellow lines a mile each way."

Kate Maguire - "They will think twice about parking there next time."

Kaz Langley - "Well done officers. Keep it up."

Dee Jewitt - "Unfortunately all schools have the same problem. It's even worse when they get the children out of the cars into the road."

Wendy Woo - "About time, every school needs this!"

Julie George - "It's about time drivers were fined and points given on licences."

Sherelle Sherelle - "Building schools for 600 kids with 50 parking spaces for the public is not the one."

Do you agree that dangerous parking around schools is a big problem in Leeds? Have you had issues where you live? Let us know at [email protected]