Campaign to save Leeds post office

The planned closure of a post office in Headingley has sparked protests by angry residents who are campaigning to keep it open.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22nd February 2016, 7:22 am
Updated Monday, 22nd February 2016, 7:25 am

Headingley Crown Point post office, which is currently based in the Arndale Centre has been earmarked for closure despite being popular among locals. Almost 2,000 people have signed two separate petitions to save it,

Councillors Neil Walshaw and Jonathan Pryor have joined forces with residents, customers and branch staff to campaign against the planned closure. They have launched a petition on to save the Headingley Post Office, which has gathered over 500 signatures.

Campaigners say that the closure of the branch would result in a number of job losses and the loss of a vital facility within the local community.

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Councillor Walshaw said he was “disappointed” about the proposals to close the post office.

He said: “The Post Office announced three weeks ago that it is under threat of closure. I am surprised as it had previously said it wasn’t under threat. The fact that the situation has changed is alarming. It is a really great thing to have for the local community. We are trying to find out the reasons for its closure to see if there is any way we can keep it open.”

MP Greg Mulholland has also opposed the plans and over 1,300 people have signed his petition on to keep the post office from closing.

Up to 42 post offices are facing the chop as part of a cost-cutting exercise by the service. Headingley Crown Point is now confirmed to be one of the branches on the hitlist, despite promises made by the Post Office in 2008, when Far Headingley Crown Post Office was closed. Under the plans, the post office will be closed and replaced with a post office counter at another shop or business.