Burglary victim speaks out about 'disturbing' crime for West Yorkshire campaign

Natalie Starr.Natalie Starr.
Natalie Starr.
A burglary victim has spoken out as part of a West Yorkshire Police campaign against the crime.

Mother-of-two Natalie Starr is helping the force to highlight how “deeply distressing” burglary can be after she returned home from a family dog walk to find her house had been turned upside down.

The 35-year-old was out with her two young children, aged four and five, when she received a call from her neighbour to say she had seen Natalie’s car being driven away from their home.

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She said: “The biggest upset was actually going through the babies’ things and going through the children’s rooms and thinking there might be something expensive in a toy box or a baby’s memory box.

“That was the thing that was actually most disturbing, when you realise somebody’s been in your house.”

Over the space of a week, West Yorkshire Police will be releasing a series of extracts from her account .

She has agreed to speak out to highlight how vulnerable the burglary made her feel and the devastating impact the crime has had on her and her family.

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She also tells of how, by setting up a Neighbourhood Watch group, she has allowed not only herself to recover but has helped the wider community not to fall victim to the crime.

The force has also put together some simple crime prevention advice to help homeowners protect their possessions.

Its three main messages during the campaign are to always remember to lock the door; leave a light on upstairs; and set the alarm.