Branson or Trump - who's the best boss?

Sir Richard Branson is the person that we'd most like to work for, while Donald Trump is only kept from the bottom of the '˜table' by disgraced former BHS boss Sir Philip Green.

That’s according to a survey by CV specialists Purple CV, who asked 1,500 adults who they would be proud to work for.

Self-made Branson, who left school at 15 and made successes of Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic, is now worth approximately nearly $5billion.

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The record company mogul scored 34 per cent of the vote, ahead of Sir Alan Sugar on 17.5 per cent. Another self-made man, The Apprentice star didn’t go to university and is quoted as saying “it’s a waste of time” - just ahead of Mark Zuckerberg (16 per cent, who began work on Facebook at college.

11 per cent would be happy to work for a celebrity entrepreneur unpaid, but it could be they were thinking of Sir Alan rather than US President-elect (and US Apprentice star) Donald Trump - only 1.8 per cent of those surveyed believed he’d be a good boss. However, Sir Philip Green scored even lower with a mere 1.7 per cent believing he would be good to work under.

The survey also found that the most desirable quality in a boss was the rewarding of hard work, rated most highly by just under one third of respondents.

Loyalty also scores highly with 21.8 per cent hoping that their boss would stand by them. Passion for their job and company also rates highly (16.4 per cent) as does approachability (15 per cent).

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Undesirable qualities in a manager included having a cut throat attitude with more than a quarter of those surveyed being disapproving of management through fear. A disrespectful attitude (24.7 per cent), a lack of praise or encouragement for staff (17 per cent) and workplace favouritism (11.3 per cent) are also viewed poorly by employees.

Which celebrity entrepreneur would you most like to work for?

Sir Richard Branson: 34%

Sir Alan Sugar: 17.5%

Mark Zuckerberg: 16%

Oprah Winfrey: 13.5%

Elon Musk: 13.8%

Victoria Beckham: 13.1%

Sheryl Sandberg: 3.1%

Larry Page or Sergey Brin: 2.9%

Donald Trump: 1.8%

Sir Phillip Green: 1.7%

What is the top quality you look for in a boss?

Loyalty: 21.8%

Rewarding of hard work: 32.3%

Passionate about what the company does: 16.4%

They are personable/approachable: 15.3%

Humble: 8.4%

Naturally authoritative: 5.8%

What is the worst quality in a boss?

Cut-throat attitude/manages through fear: 25.8%

Disrespectful: 24.7%

Never praises or encourages staff: 17%

Never available when you need them: 11.1%

Favouritism in the workplace: 11.3%

Indecisive: 10.1%

Would you work for a celebrity entrepreneur unpaid?

Yes: 11%

No: 89%