Available to UK users for the first time - Homeit, an innovative new integrated property access technology

Homeit, an innovative new access technology that could revolutionise the lives of travellers and short-term rental hosts is available to British hosts for the first time.

Homeit is a remote access platform, that allows you to grant tenants and tradespeople (cleaners, laundry, etc.) access to your property remotely, while also streamlining the property management process itself. Integrating with other short-term rental platforms, Homeit recommends tested service providers in your area and simplifies juggling several properties at once. It is easy, fast, reliable and, most importantly, safe.

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Designed for the new sharing economy – Homeit is perfect for travellers and hosts using platforms like AirBnB.

Around 200,000 Brits own a holiday home (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/ask-a-money-expert/brexit-what-would-it-mean-for-your-eu-holiday-home/ ) – and many of these use platforms like AirBnB to help pay for them. In addition, thousands of others rent out their home while they are on holiday, or offer short-term room rentals to generate a little extra income.

Homeit is already working with Airbnb, allowing for easy access control management for each door, specific to a guest’s booked dates. Hosts can just paste their AirBnB listing link on their Homeit dashboard, and then generate access codes for their confirmed bookings. They can then send these codes to their guests (via Homeit) by SMS, email or through AirBnB’s messaging system.

This form of home-sharing is a great way to both make and save money, but it can still be highly frustrating for travellers and stressful for hosts. Homeit aims to change this.

What does this mean for travellers?

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If you’ve ever missed a connecting flight you’ll know the sinking feeling of having to find Wi-Fi and message your short-term rental property host asking to move the key handover time to 3am. You might also have experienced standing on a bustling street, with your luggage, waiting for your host to arrive to let you in, while you slowly fade to a jet-lag-grey.

If your host has Homeit, all they need to have done is approved your request for access (whether it’s been booked months in advance, or 30 seconds ago) and you will automatically be let in. No more need for key handovers, or copied keys (and therefore the possibility of lost keys). The Homeit system works with every door, internal and external, whatever the physical lock. It means zero wasted time for you and your host.

What does this mean for hosts?

Managing a rental property overseas is not the picnic you might have first thought; if you don’t respond quickly, your rating goes down; you need to clean the apartment after each guest leaves (or your rating goes down); if the shower stops working you need to get a plumber in asap (or your rating goes down) and if you have more than one property with guests changing over on the same day, you’ll run around like a headless chicken, letting in cleaners, doing laundry, handing over keys and being charming (or your rating goes down).

Homeit allows you to provide remote access to guests, cleaning or laundry service providers, and tradespeople. This means managing more properties, more efficiently, and more profitably while saving time and hassle. Whether your holiday home(s) are in Portugal, Barcelona or Paris, you can make them available and let whoever you like through the door, all from your sofa at home in England.

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“Homeit works with every door, internal and external, whatever the physical lock. It can be fitted into old or new buildings, and we offer all our customers a free on-site pre-evaluation to guarantee the best solution for every host. We love the concept of the sharing economy – we just want to make it easier for people to enjoy.” said Homeit founder André Roque.

Homeit is already making life easier for 350 short-term rental properties in Portugal, Barcelona and Paris, having provided access to over 11,000 guests so far. It’s currently piloting its own tried and tested Laundry-On-Demand service, integrated into the app, and has plans to add cleaning and guest booking platforms – streamlining the entire process and saving hosts the trouble of hunting for local, reliable service providers. Getting your property clean, fresh and guest-ready is set to get much easier and quicker.

Homeit is now available to British hosts with rental properties in Portugal, Barcelona and Paris.