Anonymous hero returns Leeds man's missing wallet in post- including £200 cash and Nandos card with four meals on

An anonymous hero found a Leeds man's missing wallet - and posted it back Special Delivery, complete with £200 inside it.

Saturday, 6th October 2018, 11:40 am
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 12:08 pm
The wallet was posted back in a surprise twist

The man who misplaced his wallet, who also wished to remain anonymous in our article, misplaced his wallet over the weekend, complete with driving licence, bank cards and £200 cash.

Thinking it was gone forever, he cancelled the cards and began the process of replacing everything, thinking that the cash was gone forever.

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A few days later, the man was stunned to get a knock on the door with a Special Delivery - and his missing wallet inside the package.

The sender left no name or trace of where it was posted from, and the cash inside was untouched.

Now the man who lost is is appealing to find the hero sender.

The delighted wallet's owner posted: "So I lost my wallet this weekend and I have no idea where. Anyway, I accepted it was gone and cancelled all my cards etc. But I had over £200 in the wallet which I thought was now lost.

Long story short I've ordered some stuff from Amazon and was expecting a delivery when I came home yesterday to find I had a special delivery missed delivery card on the floor.

"I went to the post office today expecting to get my Amazon delivery but it turns out someone had found my wallet and sent it back to my address special delivery... obviously I'm pretty shocked at that especially when I've found absolutely nothing missing from the wallet..

"The person didn't leave a name or anything with the wallet. I'm trying to find the person 1. To say thank you and 2. To give them something to show my gratitude.

"I've contacted Royal Mail direct to try track down who sent it but they've come back and told me they found where it was sent but not who it was sent by.

"It was sent from the Royal Mail sorting centre( the big one) and they advised me it came from the 'Special Delivery locker' team... they said it's likely it's someone that works there found it and sent it from work.

"If you know anyone that works there could you please ask if they found a black wallet over this weekend which they sent back or if you know anyone that found the wallet and handed it in to Royal Mail to get delivered back could you please get in touch so I can give my thanks.

"The Nandos card I have now got back means more than life to me and i have four meals to claim from it! (I know i could just use the app) and give them something as a thank you. All jokes aside I know it's a bit of a long shot but I can at least try."