Angry Leeds makes parking rage top ten

Nearly a quarter of a million Leeds residents are outraged by poor parking.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 24th July 2016, 11:00 pm

The city is listed at number seven in the worst places for parking rage in a poll by Privilege car insurance.

The survey reveals three in four people admit to getting wound up by parking-related gripes and that 21 year-old-men are the most likely to see red over road rage’s little-known relation.

Men also get wound up by parking nearly twice as often as women. They seethe over dodgy manoeuvres on an average of 88 occasions a year while women experience parking anger just over once a week on average.

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Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege car insurance said: “Car ownership is increasing and the roads are busier than ever and that, combined with motorists with varying levels of consideration for others on the road, can be a recipe for road rage. Wherever you park, however you park it’s always best to make sure that you’re doing so within the law and are mindful of other road users and homeowners.”

Some 61 per cent of UK adults believe it is a basic right to park outside of their own home, even when they do not have a drive or an allocated parking space.

The worst thing a ‘NIMP’ (Not in My Parking Space) can witness is someone blocking in their car, followed by someone taking up two spaces instead of one.

Some of these ‘parking ragers’ have experienced the red mist so badly that they have even called the police over some dodgy parking and a similar number, four per cent, have scratched the paintwork on the car in question.

The car insurance boss said: “Although the numbers are relatively small, we do see cases of malicious damage to vehicles, such as keyed cars. We advise any would be ‘NIMPS’ who get caught in a moment of anger and feel moved to take revenge in this way to remember that this does count as a criminal act, however small the damage.”


Car insurance firm Privilege has come up with the five most common causes of parking rage.

The chart topper was another parked car blocking your car in .

At number two was a badly parked car taking up more than one space.

A car parked so close that you can’t get out of your space was ranked at number three.

The fourth spot was taken by someone parking across your drive.

Someone taking your car parking space when you’ve been waiting patiently for it in a busy car park came fifth.

Newcastle was listed as the worst place for parking rage.