A fitness brand is recruiting a professional protein shake tester

Fancy earning £20,000 a year just for downing protein supplements?

Online fitness marketplace BlueAppleFitness.com is recruiting a professional shake tester, who will receive samples of protein powder in the post.

The lucky candidate - who can be male or female - must provide feedback on criteria such as taste, texture, functionality and value.

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They'll be paid a salary of £20,000 - but can fit the role around their regular day job.

The ideal candidate must weight train four times a week and be able to prove their knowledge of and passion for fitness and nutrition.

The tester will spent two weeks trialling a product before submitting their review to the website.

Applicants must be aged over 18 and live in the UK. The deadline is Monday December 11, and candidates need to submit 500 words on why they'll be a good fit for the job, which supplements they already use, how often they exercise and details of their social media accounts.

To apply, visit https://blueapplefitness.com/job-ad-professional-protein-taster/