101 reasons to celebrate the end of January with Jordan Odu

Let’s talk about day 101 of January.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 11:45 am
January wasn't dry for YEP columnist Jordan Odu.

You wake up, it’s dark, you leave work, it’s dark. And, if that’s not bad enough, It’s LONG. Like forever.

I even attempted Dry January, but it ended up damp with a few cheeky drinks, because what else is there to do?

Yeah, waving goodbye to my least favourite month of the year feels pretty good, but its one saving grace is all the amazing restaurants offers across Leeds.

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We managed to secure the best PG Promo offers to date to kick off the new decade, which has seen me dining in The Whitehall Restaurant, The Alchemist, and Sukhothai to name just three.

The diet officially begins on February 29, wish me luck people.

To try balance out my indulgent lifestyle, I have been rolling back into Lagree twice a week to get my stretch on. It’s the perfect choice if you’re constantly busy, as you get a full body workout in a fraction of the time.

Love Lagree is the only UK studio outside of London that offers the unique Lagree Fitness Method and if I keep it up, I should have an A-list bod in time for holiday season...

Or, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I also plan to torch a few calories on the dancefloor in the coming weeks, as Mint Warehouse is reopening after a massive refurb.

The opening party line-up looks immense, but I reckon I’m gonna hold back for the Dirty Disco 15th Anniversary party in March.

I can still remember the queue going around the block for their first party way back in 2005, when life was a little more simple.

I can’t wait to take a trip down memory lane, whilst simultaneously looking to the future to see what’s fresh for 2020 and beyond.

Moving swiftly back to food, if you’ve been stuck on one of the many depressing new year diets floating around at the moment, then you’re going to love February. Pink Gorilla have just recently begun working with Rudy’s Pizza, who are poised to take Leeds by storm having dominated the pizza market in both Manchester and Liverpool.

Last year, their authentic and super-tasty Neapolitan pizza creations earned them the title of the UK’s best pizzeria (and 10th in the world out of 50) and having tested them out in Manchester a few weeks ago, I heartily concur!

These boys are the business, so look out for them coming soon.

This weekend also signals the end of an era for the Leeds nightlife scene, as we say goodbye to Oracle after an impressive 15-year run.

Like so many others in the city, I have spent countless days and nights partying there during my 20s and will be returning to raise a glass before they close for good.

As the first place in Leeds to pioneer outdoor terrace culture, they paved the way for many that followed and created lasting memories for thousands.

That just about wraps up January which ended with getting my rum salsa on down at Revolucion De Cuba for our first party of 2020.