10 items which can't be recycled in Leeds green bins - and what to do with them

We all try to do our bit for the planet and recycle where we can, but knowing what can and can't go in our bins can be confusing.

By Abbey Maclure
Friday, 15th November 2019, 11:45 am

There have been many criticisms of the recycling services in Leeds, with wider cuts to council funding blamed for falling recycling rates.

Leeds City Council does not offer glass recycling from home and garden waste can only be recycled in areas with brown bins.

Here are 10 items which can't be recycled in Leeds green bins - and what to do with them:

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Did you know these 10 items can't be recycled in green bins in Leeds?

1. Glass, including bottles and jars. Take these to your nearest recycling bank.

2. Food waste. Only residents in Rothwell can recycle food waste in their dedicated bin. Leeds Council recommends composting from home.

3. Garden waste. Only residents with brown bins can recycle garden waste from home.

4. Paper hot drinks cups. These are lined with polyethylene so cannot be put in the green bin. They should be returned to the coffee shop or taken to a recycling bank.

5. Bottles of anti-freeze. Take these to your nearest recycling centre.

6. Batteries. Household batteries can be taken to collection points at shops, libraries or schools.

7. Large corrugated cardboard boxes. Flatten these and take them to your nearest recycling bank.

8. Glittery or metallic greetings cards. You can only recycle these if the glittery/metallic bit is removed.

9. Compost bags. These should be put in your black household waste bin.

10. Glass milk containers. These should be returned to your milkman.