Revealed: The top 40 best things about Britain

Country pubs, the Royal family and being able to stuff anything into a sandwich are among the very best things about Britain.

A study of 2,000 Brits found the seaside classic, fish and chips, topped the poll followed by the NHS and a traditional Sunday roast.

Afternoon tea with the delightful addition of finger sandwiches and cake beat an English cuppa by a small margin, while telly legends Ant and Dec and talking about the weather also featured in the top 40 list.

Also among the greatest things about our fair nation were truly British qualities including sarcasm, a firm handshake, apologising for everything and a willingness to queue.

The research was commissioned by British Seniors Insurance, which also found eight in 10 are proud of their heritage.

Oliver Harcourt, a spokesman for British Seniors Insurance said: “Our research shows that as a nation we continue to be overwhelmingly proud of being British, and of the great things that make us Brits.

“From food such as fish & chips and roast dinners, to historic landmarks or unpredictable weather, Britons love what makes them British.”

To celebrate the best of British, a puzzle has been created to test the nation on their knowledge of what Brits love.

Readers will find an average of 19 clues before giving in to peek at the answers, and those who successfully complete the puzzle take an average of 134 seconds.

Click here to have a go for yourself, and see how you fare against our fair nation.

A hilarious video captured the nation's reactions to where our fond favourites placed on the top 40 list.

Passers-by were tested on where they thought things placed on the list with the Royal family, roast dinners and talking about the weather among some of the topics discussed.

The study also found more than two-thirds reckon Brits are better at queueing than any other nation.

And also, in typical British fashion, nearly a third of respondents said if faced with snaking ropes and no queue, they would walk the whole way without skipping over of the ropes.

More than half reckon other nationalities think we’re a country obsessed with the weather, with two-fifths saying other nations think we drink tea like tap water.

And two in five admitted they ring true to stereotypes and have a stiff upper lip.

With fish and chips topping the poll, half the nation agreed they would happily enjoy the British staple in the pouring rain with an equal percentage always up for an ice-cream whatever the weather.

It also emerged 52 per cent of respondents, surveyed via OnePoll, will enjoy a roast dinner nearly every Sunday.

And six in 10 will pack their favourite brand of teabag during a trip to ensure they get their daily dosage of breakfast tea – three a day to be precise.

Nine in 10 of those polled said they enjoy being British, with three in four describing themselves as patriotic.

Oliver Harcourt added: “The research also highlights that above all, family is the most important thing to Brits and that we take pride in looking after our loved ones.

“British Seniors Insurance is proud to help Britons throughout the country protect their families with our Guaranteed Over 50s Life Insurance.”

Top 40 best things about Britain:

1. Fish and Chips2. The NHS3. Roast dinners4. A full English breakfast5. Countryside6. Country pubs7. The Royal family8. The seaside9. Castles10. Cadbury chocolate11. Afternoon tea12. Breakfast tea13. Scones14. Buckingham Palace15. Big Ben16. London17. Hot puddings with custard, like treacle sponge or spotted dick18. Talking about the weather19. Shakespeare20. Sarcasm21. Driving on the left (correct side)22. The variety of accents23. Bacon cooked right24. Baked beans25. The Music26. Brick built houses27. Digestive biscuits28. Putting anything in a sandwich (crisps, fish fingers etc)29. Queueing30. Its diverse culture31. Teacakes32. Apologising for everything33. Rich tea biscuits34. Cider35. Cheddar Gorge36. Having BBQs even if it's raining37. A firm handshake38. The London Marathon39. Black pudding40. Ant & Dec