Never seen before photos of Leeds through the ages

Today we turn back the clock to showcase how Leeds has changed down the years.

By Andrew Hutchinson
Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 8:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 6:19 pm
Unseen Leeds. PICS: Getty
Unseen Leeds. PICS: Getty
Construction work at Quarry Hill Flats in Leeds.
A worker watering the orchids growing in pots in a greenhouse at a farm in Rawdon

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A Post Office messenger in Leeds with one of the motorbikes which are replacing bicycles.
The Corn Exchange in the city centre.
Customers browsing in a scrapyard in Leeds
Schoolchildren at Becket Street School in Leeds during a road safety lesson.
The Queen Victoria Statue being uprooted from Victoria Square in the city centre where it has stood for over 30 years. It was transported by lorry to a new site on Woodhouse Moor.
An aerial view of Leeds showing the new Civic Hall (the white building) and the Victorian town hall on The Headrow.
Children at a school in Leeds drinking bottled milk through straws.
A worker at a fish canning factory in Leeds shovels nets full of perch caught in Lake Windermere into a barrel of brine.
Housewives in Morley hang their washing across the street, causing problems for a motorcyclist with a sidecar.
Leeds Town Hall where David Lloyd-George was due receive his freedom of the city on his forthcoming visit.
An early French car mounted over the gates of a motorspare dealers works in Leeds.
Leeds United captain Billy Bremner in action for the Whites.
Leeds United fans waiting for a train.
A man 'drawing in', a process which immediately precedes the weaving of woollen yarn into cloth, in one of England's most famous mills near Leeds.
A motorised Penny Farthing, customised by Rowland Winn, a garage owner from Leeds. The rear wheel is a normal cycle wheel fitted with a small hub motor.
The modern architecture of the Quarry Hill estate in Leeds.
City Square with the Black Prince and the Queen's Hotel in the background.
City Square in Leeds.
Terraced housing in Leeds.
Four scantily clad statues in City Square holding torches with glass flames which provide illumination.
Royal Automobile Club (RAC) patrolman Frank Child on a scooter in Leeds.
The kick off of the third round FA Cup replay between Leeds United and Spurs is delayed after heavy rain and the brushing of water from the waterlogged pitch.
The 'Princess Margaret Rose', one of two miniature locomotives being constructed at a foundry near Leeds. They will be used to take visitors round the Empire Exhibition and are 14 1/2 tons in weight and 32ft long.
The Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre.
Leeds players leaving the field covered with mud after a game against Acton & Willesden at Park Royal. Leeds are the Rugby League Cup holders.
A straw-burning plough engine made by John Fowler & Co, Engineers of Leeds.
In a street in Leeds, an old man in ragged clothing pushes a pram containing all his wordly possessions, his small dog takes a ride as well, wrapped up in sacking.
A steam engine is being used by road-menders in City Square at centre-right.
Trams on Boar Lane.
The area around Pudsey Parish Church,
An aerial view of Pudsey in the late 1950s.