Huawei joins forces with the RSPCA to help find ‘furever’ homes for the UK’s Unadopted animals

The RSPCA finds some animals, such as black cats and certain dog breeds, can take longer to rehome than others. New research suggests that a poor profile pic could result in some rescue pets being overlooked.

With the multitude of cute animals, we see every day on line, over half of brits (56%) admit they would skip over a picture of an animal that was less aesthetically pleasingOver four in ten (44%) said that when thinking of adopting, they feel that a pet’s physical appearance is important to them.A quarter (25%) of people said a poor-quality picture of a prospective pet would put them off adopting

In the digital age of social media, our first impressions are being increasingly impacted by the quality of the photos we see. New research reveals that this is also the case when it comes to adopting pets, with over half (56%) of Brits admitting they would skip over an animal looking for a home, if their profile picture wasn’t ‘up to scratch’.

To help some of the thousands of rescue pets waiting too long for a home, smart phone brand, Huawei has partnered with the animal charity, RSPCA to improve the profile picture quality of animals in need of adoption. Using the latest in Huawei’s smartphone range - the Leica Quad camera system and advanced AI Master technology inside the P30 Pro allows the phone to recognise objects such as a cat or a dog and adjust the settings accordingly, for profile picture ‘paw-fection’. As part of the partnership, Huawei have donated 20 brand new P30 Pro devices across the RSPCA’s rehoming centres, nationwide.

The RSPCA rehoming stats currently show those that take the longest to rehome include certain breeds of dogs such as English Bull Terriers, which can take up to 98 days and black cats – notoriously tough to photograph - up to 30 days. For these pets in particular, showing them in their best light and letting their individual personalities shine is essential, if they are to stand out for potential adopters. Huawei P30 Pros can identify important features so now each of the many cat and dog profile pictures at the RSPCA can be as individual as they are.

Over four in ten (44%) said that when thinking of adopting, they feel that a pet’s physical appearance is important to them. As an increasingly image-focused society, research by Huawei found nearly a fifth (19%) of Brits find being able to take top-quality photos and selfies with their pets important.

With 43% of the country confirming how vital photos and descriptions are when making adoption decisions, Olympic silver medal gymnast and proud pet owner, Louis Smith joined the campaign and visited the Millbrook RSPCA centre to create a mini documentary named ‘The Unadoptables’, highlighting what can be done to ensure pets get the best chance to find their #FureverHome.

He said: “It’s heart-breaking to see animals who have found themselves in a rescue centre through no fault of their own. All rescue pets deserve a home of their own and, as the research shows, their profile pictures can be crucial to catching the eye of a potential adopter, in the initial stages. A good photo shows off their amazing personalities, which might just be enough to find them their perfect home and the Huawei P30 Pro makes capturing high quality images easy.”

There are currently thousands of pets needing homes across country, pets like Penny, the Lurcher who featured in The Unadoptables mini documentary, has been waiting for a home at Millbrook centre for over 200 days.

Dr Samantha Gaines, Head of Pet Welfare RSPCA said “We go above and beyond to find all the animals in our care a loving, forever home and we want to do our best to show them and their unique characters in the best light. Every pet is an individual with their own personalities and needs and it is so important they find the right home. We’ve partnered with Huawei to raise awareness about our harder-to-rehome pets and hope their new, pawfect profile pics will help find them their furever homes.”

The Huawei P30 Pro device is being used in ‘The Unadoptables’ film to capture images of long-stay animals. Imagery captured using the P30 Pro device will use Huawei’s AI Master which can recognise up to 500 different objects and adjust the camera lighting/settings, resulting in the perfect snap.

Justin Costello, Director of Marketing, Huawei UK and Ireland said “The fact that our devices are being used to help find animals who are struggling to find a home across England and Wales is very rewarding. We support the great work that the RSPCA do and we’re glad that we’re able to help them achieve their mission with the easy to use camera and AI assistance on our P30 Pro device”.

Support the RSPCA and their mission by donating today or heading to about Britain’s unadopted animals.