Households can save almost £500 each Winter on utility bills with these tips

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Households can reduce their utility bills by close to £500 per year by making small changes to the way they use all their  appliances, say the  Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA).

By simply always using the ‘eco-cycle’ on their washing machines and dishwashers, they can save an average of over £90 a year. Taking a similar approach to  the savings offered by all their essential appliances, householders can reduce their annual bills by around 20 per cent says AMDEA.

Washing on ‘eco’ is  one of  many easy ways to reduce utility bills, outlined on “Know Watt’s What”, a website providing  expert advice direct from the appliance manufacturers, to help households save money using the energy efficient features in  the 156 million appliances installed in our homes.

“Know Watt’s What” highlights many potential ways to save, including:

  • £54 per year by using the eco mode for every laundry load.
  • £37 per year by always using  the eco mode on a dishwasher
  • £58 a year choose rating ‘D’ over ‘G’ if  replacing a fridge freezer.
  • £130 using a heat pump dryer instead of a condenser tumble dryer
  • £108 a year  just by ensuring the families daily shower is no longer than 5 minutes
  • £33 a year by cooking a baked potato in a microwave once a week rather than the oven.
  • £20 a year using the fan rather than the conventional setting on an oven.
  • £57 a year if you rely on sensor technology to detect half load washes.
  • And a surprising £280 a year on a twice-weekly cappuccino fix if you dust  off your coffee machine to be your own barista.

The recommendations come as everyone braces for higher energy bills from 1 October. Even with the most recent changes to the price caps, at 34p/kWh  electricity charges will be 80 per cent higher than a year ago (18.9p/kWh) and despite government guarantees,  the more homes use the more they will be charged – reducing is a priority.

The keys to savings  are using the design features better, choosing energy efficient replacements and preserving the appliances’ performance with good maintenance.

Currently, the vast majority of users ignore the eco settings on their washing machines. Research for AMDEA found that less than one third of the machines that offer this programme are always used on this setting. While manufacturers indicate that simply pressing the eco button instead of other alternatives means average household washing bills would drop by up to £54 on laundry and £37 on dishes, for at least 16 million washing machines and 4.6 million dishwashers that have eco-mode.

AMDEA chief executive Paul Hide said: “Millions are missing out on the money-saving potential that that the technology in-built in their appliances can provide. Our industry experts are keen to show householders – facing current cost of living pressures --  that today’s fridges and washing machines can do a great job using a fraction of the energy and water needed a decade ago.  Know Watt’s What is the coming together of industry advice to householders on how to purchase, use, maintain and repair appliances, to reduce energy use.

Other features on Know Watt’s What include:

  • A lifetime savings calculator to guide buyers replacing machines
  • Household hacks for saving while you wash, cook and clean
  • A quiz to test savings savvy with a prize draw for a cool coffee machine