Hassan Riaz: Show mercy to others and look after one another

The Jilani Kitchen at the Halifax Community Fridge.The Jilani Kitchen at the Halifax Community Fridge.
The Jilani Kitchen at the Halifax Community Fridge.
Jesus is one of the most beloved Prophets in the Islamic faith.

Hassan Riaz writes: He is the penultimate Prophet and Messenger of God. He was sent with the Gospel, and lived in the regions near Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Muslims love Jesus dearly, and he is amongst the five greatest Prophets to have been sent by God.

The Qur’an, the holy book for Muslims, dedicates a full chapter to Mary, the mother of Jesus. The 19th chapter of the Qur’an is named after her. Jesus was born with no father. Mary, otherwise known as Maryam, is considered amongst the greatest and most-righteous of women, in the Islamic faith.

It was due to the love of Jesus, and his family, that I named my child Zakariya, who in the Islamic tradition is the one who nurtured and protected Mary.

The Qur’an attributes many miracles to Jesus. He is mentioned 25 times in the Qur’an. He would speak from the cradle, create birds from clay, heal the blind and the leper, and bring the dead back to life. All of this, with the permission of God.

We believe that Jesus was raised by God to the heavens, and he will descend once more for his second coming.

Islam is a monotheistic religion; Muslims believe that God is nothing like the creation. He has no offspring, neither is he born from anything. He is One and independent of the creation, whilst the creation is in need of Him.

Although as a Muslim I do not celebrate Christmas, the holidays are always an opportunity to spend time with family.

The week prior-to and after Christmas is always hectic working in a community pharmacy, we will ensure all our patients have their medication for the festive period and beyond.

I’ll also be volunteering at the Halifax Community Fridge, one of the only foodbanks which is open 365 days a year, remaining open throughout the festive period. The fridge provides food, warm meals, sanitary products, winter coats and much more to the community.

Helping one's neighbours, showing mercy to others in the community and looking after one another, are all traits I have learned from the life of Jesus. Know that Muslims love Jesus dearly. Peace and blessings be upon him.