Cook's Club Adakoy: a dream resort in Marmaris

Cook's Club Adakoy is the place to be in Marmaris, TurkeyCook's Club Adakoy is the place to be in Marmaris, Turkey
Cook's Club Adakoy is the place to be in Marmaris, Turkey
The luxury resort in Turkey designed for keen travellers, Christine Emelone explores the hidden gems of Marmaris.

Where to stay

Cook’s Club Adakoy is a five-star chic, secluded resort for adults that boasts many luxury facilities including three private beaches, pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa centre with hammam, yoga, pilates and fitness classes.

The location rests perfectly on the beach front within Marmaris National Forest at Adakoy. From the resort, Marmaris is a 20-minute taxi or water ride away while Rhodes is 50 minutes away by ferry.

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The resort has a stunning pool and spa facilitiesThe resort has a stunning pool and spa facilities
The resort has a stunning pool and spa facilities

Guests can also enjoy water sports, beach disco, beach volleyball, cocktail classes, tennis court, co-working space and Captain Cook Bar.

If you’re a fan of films, the resort hosts a movie night each week to provide great entertainment for guests.

The Cantina restaurant on site contains an innovative kitchen serving made-to-order freshly prepared dishes at seven live-cooking stations as well as gelateria, market and boutique. This offers a wide range of delicious meals, including Turkish kebabs, pies and freshy made casseroles.

Where to go

Nimara Cave is only a stone’s throw away from the beautiful resort of Cook’s Club, boasting some amazing views.

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The walk to the cave will give you the right amount of time to unwind and take in the peaceful sights of nature.

The landmark is immersed in history from ancient architecture to religious artefacts.

Marmaris Museum is also a wonderful location worth taking a trip to, where you can explore the legacy of Turkey’s art, music, religion and jewellery.

Gift shops within the site provide the golden opportunity to buy souvenirs and memorable keepsakes for the future.

What to do

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An activity worth embarking on when visiting is canoeing. This is provided at Cook’s Club Adakoy, allowing you to paddle across the seas for a whole hour.

Assisted by a qualified and experienced guide, this activity deepens your insight into the astounding beauty of the area and its unique sights. This is such a relaxing way to unwind and take fresh air, which can make you feel revitalised and refreshed.

If you want to take relaxation even further, why not spend a day in the spa? Turkish baths and scrubs will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Provided at the resort, spa treatments include a combination of deep cleansing, massages and moisturisation. Body treatments, facials and scrubs not only remove impurities, but also help soften the skin. A day at the spa can also work to flush out toxins and gain quality lifestyle advice.

What to eat and drink

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The national drink of Turkey, which is called Raki, is available to try. It is always worth seizing the chance to broaden your understanding and cultural awareness when you embrace new food, music and activities.

Raki tastes similar to liquorice and is often served with seafood or meze. It is normally used to welcome and praise guests into a new area or environment.

It is reviving to immerse yourself into Turkish culture and learn more about the drink’s history and cultural significance.

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