10 things you said about Leeds-based Jet2's 600% surge in summer bookings to Portugal

Portugal was recently added to the government's green travel list.

Jet2 has seen a surge in bookings to Portugal
Jet2 has seen a surge in bookings to Portugal

Summer holiday bookings to Portugal have gone through the roof after it was added to the green list.

The European nation is one of just 12 destinations where travellers can visit from 17 May without needing to self-isolate upon their return to England.

Here are 10 things you said:

Danielle Holmes - "We already have a booking to The Canaries and we just have to wait and see what happens!"

Ken Quinn - "Just had to cancel our June 21st holiday to Turkey as they are on red. Re-booked for June 2022 at £100 cheaper."

Clare Lovatt - "Gutted we changed our holiday to Madeira this year to Cyprus next year with £500 back. Jet2 were brilliant."

Steven Inglis - "This is Portugal who are not letting in British tourists!"

David Fred Thorp - "Nah not worth the risk of getting a positive test and paying £2k to sit in a quarantine hotel."

Baz Yates - "We've had a holiday to Portugal re-booked for this year at the end of July and we don't want to go, was hoping it would be on the red list."

Alyson Jordan - "Nah, booked next year."

Sammy Xavier - "I go abroad 2 to 3 times a year, love foreign holidays but defo staycation for a few years not worth the risk."

Janine Collins - "Even though Portugal aren't letting us in yet?"

Brad Caslin - "I'm still not flying out of England this year. Despite I'm in need one I'm mentally fighting to stay in England this year."

Are you planning on jetting off this year or is it too soon for you?