Top tech to enhance interactive experience

ShiftCam’s ProGripShiftCam’s ProGrip
ShiftCam’s ProGrip
Everyone looks for things that enhance or make their life easier and much of today’s tech can do both.

Technology makes everyday tasks easier, faster and more efficient. New innovation can make everyday experiences more pleasurable and it can turn the mundane into meaningful experiences.

In addition, technology changes the way in which people enjoy themselves. In our daily lives, we use and rely on technology and it as things advance it is clear that it has made life easier, more enjoyable, and more convenient.

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One such device is ShiftCam’s ProGrip – Available from Amazon at £129.99.

Nightbuds smart earbudsNightbuds smart earbuds
Nightbuds smart earbuds

David Bailey here we come!

Feel like a pro. Shoot like a pro. The ShiftCam ProGrip is a grip, built-in battery, dock, rig all rolled into one for smartphones effectively closing the gap between phone and camera. The secure grip makes shooting high quality photography effortless. It also has a Bluetooth shutter release, tripod mount, accessory socket and cold shoe and even charges your phone wirelessly at the same time. What’s more the ProGrip has already been recognised by the 3 leading design awards in the world in 2021. With its universal clamp system, ProGrip can hold any mobile devices between 58 and 90 mm wide, with and without case. Soft-touch and nonslip rubber coating ensures comfort and security whilst the high-quality rubber grip coating prevents stickiness and wearing overtime. The phone clamp opens up symmetrically and closes at release, securely grasping your phone centred to the clamp. ProGrip’s revolutionary wireless charging system is engineered to prolong its battery life cycle, with a compact design that supports landscape to portrait rotation. It is compatible with most smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, OnePlus.

For those wanting a great audio experience nightbuds smart earbuds are available on Kokoon at an RRP of £229.99.

Nightbuds are tiny, sleep sensing headphones that work with an app to intelligently look after sleep. Developed with staff at Europe’s largest sleep laboratory, Nightbuds automatically adapt audio as the wearer falls asleep then provide insights and coaching specific to them, to improve their sleep. Nightbuds enable users to listen to their own audio (audiobooks, podcasts, music) in a smarter manner automatically fading out as they fall asleep and bookmarking where they left off enabling them to pick back up in the right place the next day.

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Nightbuds utilise Kokoon’s Sleep Coaching Technology and monitor sleep (via PPG & accelerometers) to provide personalized insights and recommendations specific to the user, to improve their sleep. Within the Kokoon app, users can “create their own Kokoon”, an immersive 4D binaural soundstage through which listeners can experience incredible relaxing audio escapes such as the “Misty Mountain Hideaway”.

Nightbuds are designed to be worn through the night in all positions including side sleeping. The soft, ergonomic buds are incredibly thin; just 5.4mm thick. Nightbuds block out snoring or noisy neighbours with noise isolation and dynamic noise masking. Also useable as regular Bluetooth 4.0 headphones, Nightbuds enable hands free calls and feature crystal clear acoustics courtesy of Nightbuds premium balance armature drivers.

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