TECH TALK: RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones

When it comes to looking for a new pair of headphones the amount of choice can be quite overwhelming.

By Kimberley Mogg
Monday, 9th September 2019, 2:54 pm
Updated Monday, 9th September 2019, 3:30 pm
RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones
RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones

Established in 2015 RevoNext have been making headphones to suit all budgets and needs. This summer they launched their new NEX202 dual driver in-ear headphones that promise to deliver a powerful deep bass and clear sharp treble for an enjoyable listening experience.

The earphones themselves are very well made, being crafted from aluminium they look and feel solid. The braided cable means that there is no worrying about them getting into a tangled mess in your pocket. They also come with a small strap-tidy on the lower half of the cable which comes in really handy.Also included in the box are a wide range of ear buds to give a snug fit. There were two sizes of both the foam and silicone ear buds, which I thought it was a really nice touch.

No control buttons or microphone are included on the cables which is not ideal if you want to make phone calls or turn the volume up easily on your favourite track. For me this is a sticking point as I use my headphones as a hands-free when both driving or walking and to not have a microphone is a deal breaker for me, but if it's not a big deal to you then don't write these headphones off (and there's a way round this - more later)

RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones

The sound quality was very impressive. I’d never heard of RevoNext before and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Listening to a wide range of songs including many heavy-bass tracks all sounded great with no distortion. The only downside would be if you’re planning on using when when commuting as they aren’t advertised as noise-cancelling, but if you’re using the right size bud, it shouldn’t be an issue.

I wanted to use these headphones with my phone so had to buy the bluetooth wireless adapter as my phone has a USB-C connection and the earphones come with a standard jack. This actually worked better for me as they come with both a microphone and volume controls. It was really easy to swap over to the adapter, just using two pins to attach them. The volume controls work separately to the volume on your phone which I thought was a nice feature as it didn’t affect the volume on my ringtone or notifications.

The RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones are available from Amazon for £55.99. The Bluetooth cable is currently out of stock on Amazon but available on the RevoNext website for $34.

Product Details

RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones

NEX202 Dual Drivers In-Ear Headphones


Type: In-EarConnectivity: Wired Cable Length: 125cm±2cm Sensitivity: 105dB Impedance: 18Ω Frequency Range: 20Hz-40KHz Plug Type: 3.5mm L Plug Pin Type: 0.78mm Weight: 20g

RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones
RevoNext NEX202 dual driver in-ear earphones