Majority launches Bard and Quadriga Internet Music Systems, delivering high quality audio and DAB/FM radio channels

Quadriga internet radioQuadriga internet radio
Quadriga internet radio
Majority, the consumer electronics brand known for its innovative products, jas launched two impressive internet music system options – the Bard and Quadriga.

Both are packed with features that allow users to enjoy their favourite audio all through one device including with connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Spotify Connect.

The Bard, a compact yet powerful radio music system, has built-in speakers that are backed by Majority’s new five inch powerful bass and the Quadriga radio system has the addition of a CD player so users may enjoy digging out their old collections as well as listening to their new ones!

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MAJORITY Bard Internet Radio Music System – RRP £159.95 (Currently £149.95) from Majority and Amazon.

Bard internet radioBard internet radio
Bard internet radio

The Bard provides music lovers with various different methods to listen to their favourite tunes and enjoy a wide range of audio channels from DAB and FM radio, and, when connected to WiFi, thousands of stations can be accessed in internet radio mode. The DAB radio and hi-fi tuner is packed full of connection options with AUX-In, USB, 3.5mm jack, and it also has the option to go wireless by connecting to Bluetooth devices.

Designed for the modern audio enthusiast, the Bard features built-in Spotify Connect, making it easy to connect and stream favourite playlists from every genre at the touch of a button as well as listen to podcasts with the dedicated Podcast feature. Using a smartphone as a remote control, it allows for a richer sound quality without audio compression and means there is no distance restriction!

Majority’s enhanced digital radio sound quality is designed and perfected in Cambridge by a group of audio experts with the Bard boasting two 4-inch speakers, backed up by Majority’s new five inch powerful bass for an impressive and enjoyable listening experience.

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Together the 100 watts, 2.1 channel internet radio and music system can pack a punch, delivering a deeper bass but with clean and crisp audio, whilst the built-in subwoofer also ensures that the Bard provides a room-filling sound without any compromise on quality. Additionally, users can also conveniently play, pause and skip with the supplied remote.

The Bard features the latest Frontier platform, the Venice X, for an easy-to-use solution that combines the reliability of DAB+ with Internet radio, podcasts, and music on demand from the Internet. The system has a full-colour 5 x 3.7cm TFT display and pre-installed modules are included that can be configured to personal requirements.

With DAB+ radio quickly becoming the top pick for radio enthusiasts, the Bard’s DAB+ radio feature makes this radio adapter a must-have for any home or office. Users can simply connect the Bard digital radio to their sound system and experience the full power of DAB and internet radio.

There is also the option to wake-up and fall asleep to the sound of the radio through using the dual alarm feature!

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MAJORITY Quadriga Internet Radio Music System – RRP £299.95 (Currently £229.95) from Majority and Amazon.

The Quadriga is an impressive all-in-one music system, boasting two 4-inch speaker drivers and backed up by a huge six inch powerful subwoofer. The downfacing subwoofer provides a dynamic bass that can fill a room with a high-quality sound, whatever the genre. The 120-watt 2.1 channel smart internet radio and music system delivers a deeper bass while maintaining clean and crisp audio.

Just like the Bard, the Quadriga comes with built in Spotify Connect and gives users access to thousands of songs and podcasts from around the world with the touch of a button. Using this, a smartphone can act as a remote and the stream comes directly from the internet at a fast rate without audio compression.

In addition, this system also boasts a built-in CD player and sound system, making it possible to play music from a USB flash drive or CD – bringing that old CD collection back into action!

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The Quadriga also gives options to play playlists from users’ phones using AUX, RCA or Optical inputs and can connect through the Bluetooth feature to allow users to go fully wireless with 5.0 Bluetooth – play, pause and skip with the supplied remote control.

With a 6 x 4.5cm TFT colour display and Frontier smart technologies, it provides a seamless user interface with an easy-to-use solution that combines the reliability of DAB+ with Internet radio, podcasts, and music on demand from the Internet.

Able to access global radio stations, the Quadriga opens up the top ten radio stations for every country around the world for listening. Users can simply search by continent, country, genre, and station name, and then connect to over 25,000 global radio stations. Once users have found their favourite stations, they can take advantage of the Quadriga’s 40 radio pre-sets to save the best of the airwaves.