Fashion: Heat wave

Holidaying abroad or staying at home, Stephanie Smith has six hot style picks to see you through summer in style.

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015, 10:03 am
Songbird long shirt dress, £109 at East.

Weather predictions are that we will soon be sweltering in the hottest June since records began.

I’ll believe it when I see and feel it, but in the meantime, it’s as well to be prepared with cool clothes and cover-ups so that we can meet such unaccustomed and unseasonal sun and heat in style and safety (plus, it’s another fabulously sensible excuse to go shopping again).

If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday planned to a hot-spot abroad this summer, you’ll be thinking about your get-away wardrobe right now too. So here is my top six list of essential summer pieces that you won’t want to be without, whatever the weather, and wherever you are:

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No 1: A kimono. Now, I know they were everywhere last year but no wonder, because they are brilliant. This summer, go for a shorter version to double as an evening jacket as well as a day-time cover-up. Plus it’s going to be ideal for any festivals or summer fairs you’ve got coming up. White is the most versatile.

No 2: Cotton print dress. A summer wardrobe basic. Choose one in a print you love and a style that suits you and feels comfortable. This is your “go anywhere” dress, to style up or down.

No 3: A sarong/scarf. Quite simply a must-have as a sun and beach cover-up, an evening wrap and something to sit on. Pick one that’s hard-wearing and washable (preferably cotton) as well as beautiful.

No 4: A shirt dress. If you invest in just one item, make it this. Go for a floaty printed or embroidered maxi style in a muted tone and you can wear it unbuttoned as a light cover-up coat over shorts and tee, or wear it buttoned up and belted as an impressive lightweight dress, day or night.

No 5: Maxi dress. Print or plain, this is another go-anywhere piece, but only if you pick a style that suits your height and shape and works with flats and heels.

No 6: Print trousers. Ideal for holidays, especially loose-ish and cropped. Choose a mono print and they’ll work for warm days at the office too.

Have a cool hot summer.