Rishi Sunak: how to watch chancellor's interview with money saving expert Martin Lewis following yesterday’s budget

The money saving expert will interview the chancellor of the exchequer on Thursday night

By Finlay Greig
Thursday, 4th March 2021, 11:59 am
Martin Lewis will interview Rishi Sunak later today (Getty Images)
Martin Lewis will interview Rishi Sunak later today (Getty Images)

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set for a televised showdown with Martin Lewis

The pair will participate in a ten-minute pre-recorded interview discussing Mr Sunak’s Spring budget, with the exchange set to air on Thursday night.

The interview comes a day after Sunak unveiled his plan for undoing the damage caused to the economy by the coronavirus pandemic.

An extension of the furlough scheme, a hike of corporation tax and long-awaited help for the self-employed were among the measures announced by Boris Johnson’s right-hand man.

Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer was among those who criticised the budget, unleashing a scathing attack on the absence of measures to address growing social care pressures.

Martin Lewis will join Sir Keir in casting a critical eye over the government’s budget.

When does the interview air?

The interview will be featured in a special budget edition of Mr Lewis’ Money Show Live.

This airs on Thursday night at 8.30pm.

How to watch

The face-off between the pair, dubbed Martin meets Rishi, will be shown on STV if you’re in Scotland and ITV if you’re in the rest of the UK.

You can catch up with the interview on streaming platforms STV or ITV player.

What will the duo discuss?

Despite the ten-minute window, Mr Lewis managed to cover a lot of ground in the interview.

According to the finance expert the interview will cover delayed help for the self-employed, excluded UK, sick pay, legacy benefits, mortgage prisoners, stamp duty and more.

What has Martin Lewis said about the budget so far?

Martin Lewis has been particularly critical of the lack of help for self-employed people.

He tweeted: “According to the docs SEISS 4 will be claimable from late April. That will be a blow for many of the self-employed who are desperate for the money now - and relatively is much later in the schedule than previous grants.”

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Mr Lewis said that the extension of the furlough scheme suggests the government aren’t expecting a rapid recovery.

He said: What they are saying is, hopefully, we'll open Britain back up but clearly, things don't bounce back immediately.

What’s happening with social care?

The Chancellor was put under pressure following his budget for the lack of a social care plan.

Rishi Sunak said ministers were “committed” to finding a “cross-party” solution but that the focus is currently on the coronavirus pandemic.

He has faced criticism from care groups, MPs and charities over the absence of measures to address growing social care pressures in this year’s Budget.

Mr Sunak was asked during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme why there was no mention of social care in his financial statement.

He said: “We are committed to finding, ideally, a cross-party solution to sustainable social care funding – it is important given the long-term duration of social care policy that, as much as possible, we would like to build consensus around a solution.

“Obviously right now our focus is the pandemic.

“I know the Health Secretary has started that work on trying to see what the solutions might be and at the appropriate time, if we can find consensus on a solution, we will bring that forward and have that conversation, but that is something that of course we remain committed to.”