Roundhay Park skatepark set to be transformed to make it accessible for disabled skaters

Leeds skateboarders are fundraising for a new skatepark to be built in Roundhay Park.

Thursday, 28th July 2022, 4:30 pm

A fundraiser has been launched to rebuild Roundhay skatepark after campaigners deemed the space unusable for skateboarders with disabilities.

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Roundhay skatepark, located near to Soldier’s Field, currently uses metal ramps recycled from Hyde Park over 15 years ago and has no resources for disabled skaters.

Paul Donnelly from the Roundhay Skatepark Project Committee with local residents and skaters, raising money to open a new skate park in Roundhay Park.

To change this, local skate enthusiasts have teamed up with community group Friends of Roundhay Park to create the Roundhay Skatepark Project: a fundraising campaign to remodel the skatepark and make it accessible to all.

Paul Donnolly, an avid skater and member of the Roundhay Skatepark Project, said: “My three daughters all have skateboards and are keen to learn, but one has cerebral palsy so is a little too wobbly to skate [in the current skatepark], but we are aiming to fix that.”

“Around the world there are many less able-bodied skateboarders, and there are simple changes to help wheelchair users access the park, and there are even some rudimentary attachments to help skateboarders with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.

“We are going to use all of this to pioneer a design and build a world first system to enable people with serious disabilities to use a section of the park safely and easily.”

Local residents are raising money to open a new skatepark in Roundhay Park.

The Roundhay Skatepark Project has already obtained permission from Leeds City Council to replace the entire skatepark, and after extensive planning with council architects they have now launched a fundraiser to help fund the creation of their dream park.

When completed the space will include tiered areas for people of all skill levels and ages, designs that represent the history of Roundhay Park and equipment that caters to skaters with a range of disabilities.

The Roundhay Skatepark Project also intends to help other skateparks across the UK modify their equipment, with a goal to transform as many skateparks as possible into friendly and accessible environments.

On their involvement in the project, Friends of Roundhay Park said: "We are delighted to back the Roundhay Skatepark Project. It is a worthwhile community initiative that will improve the health and wellbeing of thousands of children that visit the park each year.”

Local residents are raising money to open a new skate park in Roundhay Park.

The Roundhay Skatepark Project is currently looking for organisations to sponsor the new skatepark, with an opportunity to be part of the branding and promotion of their new accessible system.

Businesses looking to sponsor the new park or donate to the project can find out more on

“What we have now is a skatepark that real skateboarders, BMX riders, scooters and roller skaters won’t go to as they just know it is poor, dangerous and unusable – odd for one of the biggest parks in Europe and a huge attraction for Leeds and Yorkshire,” Paul went on to say.

“The plan is to replace the skatepark, and we intend to make this skatepark different from the rest.

“We are going to build a skatepark that the local community deserves, but we are also going to build it with national and global ambitions.”