How to stay cool during an uncomfortable heatwave

It's important to keep your cool during a heatwave (photo: Adobe)It's important to keep your cool during a heatwave (photo: Adobe)
It's important to keep your cool during a heatwave (photo: Adobe)
As we find ourselves in the grip of a heatwave on the cusp of the school holidays, and extreme temperatures hold us in an uncomfortable grip, we look at what precautions we can take as the mercury rises.

If we decide to take a drive we can plan ahead. With hot weather forecast for the immediate future, National Highways has issued some useful advice to motorists and their passengers.

These include taking a bottle of water before setting out to ensure you stay hydrated, plan and leave plenty of time for journeys, check the weather forecast for your destination, check your vehicle before you leave, check travel conditions before setting out and, where it is safe to do so, during journeys.

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When driving it’s important to stay cool, but not all drivers have the luxury of air conditioning. So for those without AC there are some top tips for you to stay cool.

Keeping pets cool during a heatwave is also vitally important (photo: Adobe)Keeping pets cool during a heatwave is also vitally important (photo: Adobe)
Keeping pets cool during a heatwave is also vitally important (photo: Adobe)

The holiday car rental experts at have outlined their eight top tips ...

Stay hydrated, hang a wet rag over the vent to make blown air cooler, freeze water bottles to use as ice packs, park in the shade, buy a mini-fan, get cold packs for quick relief from the heat, use dashboard cover to keep sunlight out of the car’s interior, keep windows slightly cracked to promote ventilation and help to keep your car cool.

At home keep the heat out by closing windows, in the evenings opening windows slightly to allow a cool breeze to come into the bedroom.

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As a result, temperatures will drop to a comfortable degree. And it is also worth buying temperature-regulating bed linen.

In addition, we are advised to turn on the fan nice and early for more comfortable conditions for sleeping.

Take a cool shower during a heatwave to cool down.

Go au naturel as reducing the thickness of your pyjamas can help regulate your body temperature.

Only go to bed when you’re tired as otherwise you may find it hard to sleep. And don’t cover your feet to allow excess heat to escape your body. Visit for more advice.

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One of the biggest threats to health during a heatwave is not to wear SPF, although everyone is urged to slap on the sun cream.

Healthcare experts behind digital pharmacy carried out a study of more than 2,200 UK adults over the age of 18 to determine key attitudes and trends towards the use of sunscreen and products that contain SPF.

Respondents who stated that they don’t use a cream or spray to protect themselves in the UK were then asked the reasons why, saying ...

1 The sun isn’t strong enough in the UK to need SPF – 28 per cent

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2 I don’t own any sun care products, except for when I’m travelling abroad – 26 per cent

3 I’m using other products that contain SPF protection – 15 per cent

4 I let my skin burn so that I get a better tan – 12 per cent

5 I prefer to use tanning products instead, such as oil – 11 per cent.

But what about our pets?

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As blazing sunshine returns to the UK, it’s essential that we keep our pets hydrated as temperatures soar ...

1 Keep them cool

2 Add water to their food

3 Keep their water bowl clean

4 Always take water with you

5 Have multiple bowls of water throughout the house

6 Add flavour to water

7 Create frozen fun with cooling freezer toys

8 Invest in a pet water fountain

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