Love Island 2022: how much can this year's contestants earn?

Some of this season's Love Island contestants could be on track to earn a fortune (photo: Adobe)Some of this season's Love Island contestants could be on track to earn a fortune (photo: Adobe)
Some of this season's Love Island contestants could be on track to earn a fortune (photo: Adobe)

Popularity and potential earnings of Love Island contestants revealed

Hearts are racing and temperatures soaring as we buckle into our seats for another summer of love.

But the heat isn't all that's on the rise as the chemistry bubbles in the eighth season of Love Island.

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No self-respecting reality TV show would be complete without the accompanying social media ascendency of its stars - and the queen of dating shows is no exception.

Luca Bish’s Instagram following has rocketed the most so far - by 207 percent - since the 23-year-old fishmonger was announced as a contestant for Love Island 2022, according to

The digital marketing agency is tracking Instagram profiles of the islanders to uncover the growing popularity of each contestant and their earning potential through sponsored posts on the social media platform.

Which Love Island contestants have the highest jump in Instagram followers since being announced?

So who's leading the pack in the race for insta world domination?

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Hot on Luca Bish's heels is masters student Liam Llewellyn with a 199 percent leap in followers.

The Love Island contestants with the highest jump in Instagram followers since being announced last week are:

Luca Bish  +207%

Liam Llewellyn  +199%

Andrew Le Page  +160%

Amber Beckford  +150%

Ikenna Ekwonna  +133%

How much can Love Island contestants earn?

When it comes to potential earnings, the future's already looking bright for this season's crop of islanders.

According to 10 Yetis' data, the highest earner of the show so far is 19-year-old international dressage rider and business owner, Gemma Owen, who is already set to rake in up to £7,523 per sponsored Instagram post.

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Data collected prior to the first episode of Love Island 2022 airing shows the initial contestants' current potential earnings via Instagram are as follows:

Gemma Owen  £7,523.30

Tasha Ghouri  £3,141.52

Indiyah Polack  £2,928.52

Liam Llewellyn  £1,376.93

Paige Throne  £1,317.23

Luca Bish  £1,106.55

Dami Hope  £1,085.30

Amber Beckford  £954.02

Davide Sanclimenti  £914.02

Andrew Le Page  £807.76

Ikenna Ekwonna  £688.66

How much can past Love Island contestants earn?

Looking back through past Love Island contestants, those who have the highest potential earnings on Instagram since moving on from the reality show were found to be:

1. Molly-Mae Hague  £617,836.11 (per sponsored Instagram post)

2. Tommy Furry  £399,945.92

3. Dani Dyer  £349,342.21

4. Olivia Bowen  £287,514.92

5. Millie Court  £189,835.42

“Well it’s finally that time of the year again; Love Island will be taking over the majority of our screens and even office conversations for the next couple of months," said Andy Barr, CEO and co-founder of

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“Each year, Love Island produces a new selection of influencers, however, there are a couple of Love Island alumni who have had more success than others – I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those who apply for Love Island are hoping for a chance to be a successful influencer, just like Molly-Mae.”

Each week 10 Yetis will be looking at Instagram profiles from the contestants in the villa, plus any bombshells set to enter week by week, to track their Instagram earning potential.

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