McDonald's on Briggate is closed for most of March and this is why

McDonald's on BriggateMcDonald's on Briggate
McDonald's on Briggate
McDonald's fans will be without their fast food fix for three weeks after the Briggate branch closed temporarily.

The restaurant is shut for refurbishment until March 26.

It will re-open with a host of new features, including a coffee menu with drinks prepared by on-site baristas.

The Briggate outlet has late-night opening hours, serving food 24 hours a day.

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The nearest alternative branches of McDonald's are located in the St John's Centre, which also has 24-hour service, and at Leeds Station. The station outlet closes at midnight.

McDonald's on Briggate was one of the chain's first UK sites to offer a home delivery service via takeaway app UberEats after taking part in a trial. It was also chosen as one of a select few outlets to sell the luxury Signature Collection range.

The Briggate site now has security staff on duty to prevent violence involving late-night revellers, and has been the scene of several incidents due to its proximity to the city centre's main party streets. Last October, a 26-year-old man had his jaw broken after he was attacked by a fellow customer in the restaurant shortly before 10pm on a Saturday night. Just weeks later, a teenager suffered multiple fractures to his face after being assaulted outside McDonald's while trying to break up a fight.

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In 2015, 70,000 people signed a petition asking McDonald's to remove 'spikes' believed to have been installed to deter rough sleepers outside the Briggate restaurant. The chain defended the spikes, which they claimed were to prevent anti-social behaviour and installed on police advice.